Tanenbaum (MLSE) Not Happy With CFL and XFL/USFL Discussion

Gets back to the heading on this discussion thread - Tanenbaum (MLSE) Not Happy With CFL and XFL/USFL Discussion - I think that MLSE is just doing a slow cash burn for this season clocking in time and waiting to see what the money looks like for the XFL with Disney/ABC - From my perspective this is a very similar situation to what my cousin Julie did getting her last kid through school, then she filed for divorce not two months after the kid graduated. That is what the Argos are doing now, putting in the bare minimum and waiting to see what the money and TV ratings for XFL look like, then it is divorce paper work time.

The Canadian Football League could survive quite well without a team in Toronto. If there's not enough interest in Canadian football in that city, so be it. Posters on this thread have written that Toronto 'has outgrown the CFL' or Toronto 'has changed' which is a more delicate way of saying Toronto has become too unCanadian for the Canadian Football League.



I am a self confessed conspiracy enthusiast - but one has to ask "Why is MLSE doing what they are doing?' This is all intentional and completely diametrically opposed to how they run their other sports businesses.

The business plans, goals and mission statements for the 3 Community Owned teams is diametrically opposed to the mission statements for MLSE/MTL/Stamps which is to make money and grow the value of the franchises that they own. Lots and lots of money is what MLSE wants. The Riders/Bombers/Elks could give fuck all about growing the value of their respective franchises. The 3 Community Owned teams are there to bring 3 down football to their respective fan bases, and annually to hit the break even mark. The 3 Community Owned teams are not in business to grow the game or worry about making MLSE more money, that is not their job.

And this is the divide in the CFL - is the CFL in existence to keep 3 down football and the ratio alive? Or are the teams there to make money playing football be it 3 downs or 7 downs on CFL or NCAA sized fields? This is the philosophical battle that is being waged between the 3 community based teams and the MLSE faction.


Toronto sees itself as a major league city, and as far as they're concerned, they've outgrown the CFL. They'll most likely tread water in the CFL until they see how the first 1 or 2 seasons go in the XFL. I could see a new CFL franchise in London (Ont) or Kitchener-Waterloo to replace Toronto in 2025-2026 if they do indeed leave.

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In 10-15 years from now I can see the CFL as a lower-tier, 3-down league with a more community-ownership based model, much like the Canadian Premier League. Possible franchises would be : (Okanagan Valley/Kelowna, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, London Ont, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa, Atlantic/Halifax). Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal franchises would be in the XFL. It COULD happen.


I totally agree with you and can see that happening. The split between the two factions and business plans are diametrically opposed. I see the pieces being put into place for a CFL split and the bigger markets to join the XFL. I really think that the XFL brought back Seattle to give the Leos a geographical rival. Calgary is closer to DFW than it is to Toronto by air miles. And the markets you mentioned are more 4 down markets than 3 down hotbeds.

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Hi Steve. I live in London and I wrote a (too) lengthy post about the impossibility of a CFL team in London a few weeks ago so if your KW thoughts are valid, go with them. This morning, I took a cheap shot at Toronto saying it was 'too unCanadian' but just last week in the London Free Press, someone who runs a social agency here that assists new Canadians said that 20% of London's population are people who have lived in Canada for less than 5 years and that 30% of the population have lived in the country for 10 years or less. I'm not encouraging an immigration policy debate, but it takes quite a few years to understand and appreciate the Canadian game.


I think they stick with 2023, then start spreading rumors in the media they're looking to sell/fold in 2024. Either way I think there's maybe 25% chance MLSE still owns the Argos in 2025.

One of the those Captain Obvious moments .

MLSE is Rogers , LT and Bell .

We still don't know why Rogers agreed to being added later . Rogers was well known for hating the CFL .

Rogers family and LT went all in for the BILLs .

Not only did they bid for the Bills with LT ; Rogers made the dome a Bills home field for years after C and S built the Argos brand back up .

Bills were the football home team those years and the Argos were invisible .

Now get this newsflash ......... they now own the Argos jointly .

Add that onto Bell and their NFL ambitions and well you get 11k at BMO on a Nice Saturday night against their rival .

The same guys who could care less about the CFL and went all out for the NFL and wished the CFL"s demise are now worried about it's bottom line and team valuations .

So let me see MLSE is advocating and actually assisted in a foreign entertainment company push out a domestic entertainment company by those that benefit from being a domesticly protected industry and now are complaining that all the crap and bad will they threw on the CFL has actually worked .

Genius .

CIA could not have done better .


The schedule was made last year with COVID in mind. Back to backs theoretically would have kept it from spreading around the league. It's not as chaotic as it was last year so next year's schedule should reflect that fact.

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I hear ya, but they scheduled back-to-back back-to-backs (well almost....4 games in 5 weeks).

Granted, it is the Argos and Toronto we're talking about, so it's not like thousands more would be in attendance, but I bet maybe around 10-20% of Toronto fans who might normally go to a Toronto-Hamilton match decided to skip the one on Aug 6 and instead just go to the one on August 26. But if the non-Labour Day back-to-backs had been scheduled for early July or mid October, then fans would have enough time between games to justify buying tickets for both.


I don’t like it either and it also might have to do with the fact that they had some extra flying to do when Toronto had a home game in Nova Scotia.

I talked to another Toronto fan about the schedule when it came out because I had come to a similar conclusion that you did. He told me that fans go to the game to see the home team and the visiting team doesn’t matter. I don’t really buy that argument tbh.

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No doubt a regional rival or cultural rival for that matter will draw more interest. But it doesn't necessarily follow that increasing the number of games with said rival is healthy for the rivalry or the business as anything can become saturated.

The CFL's divisional structure and the division-heavy schedule of the last 2 seasons is not the way to go. Comparisons to baseball and hockey series don't hold much weight since those leagues play 4.5x the games in leagues that are far deeper than the CFL.


Agreed. CFL should be 12 games during the regular season for each team but it won’t happen because of the income that comes in.

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Weird is putting it very nicely.
The schedule this season is just horrible (Even for CFL standards).
2 teams playing multiple times within just over a month is absolutely insane and a great way to diminish the value of the matchups in an already small league that struggles for relevancy. :man_facepalming:t3:

Exactly. Absolutely horrible idea. What used to be big “circle the date in the calendar” games have had their importance ripped away from them. As a result, you see the sadly predictable outcome of just over 11,000 fans turning up for a Ticat-Argo game which should be a big rivalry game, but has instead been reduced to a non-event.
Does not bode well for Labour Day.

And you hit the nail right on the head regarding baseball. Apples to oranges comparison.


Jasmine this article is behind a paywall, what good is this? The article should've started with "Dear Larry"

Few I never knew about

1/ like the exotic dancers .

2/. C and S not liking the CFL way back when . I think it may have exposed them to some redicule with Braley's comments . Too bad because they were a breath of fresh air when they bought them and they did increase interest big time .

3/ BMO the first year out priced their booster club of business men /women called the double blue out of existence which started a few years earlier .

I knew that first year the prices were way out of whack of the market but I didn't know it even hit the bigger players as well .

Probably a few more that I forgot to mention