Tamans trash talk

....I know he wants to stir things up early between us and the green guys....but c'mon it's a little too early ain't it Brenden
He's quoted as saying...in a half hearted joking manner....that he hated his time spent in the Wpg. organization...Well that;s alright Taman....the feeling was mutual....Cripes no wonder we have this Cup drought....he was sand-bagging us all those years....Explains why all of our draft choices were dealt and he couldn't/wouldn't find needed players when the time arose....Well i hope the riders keep him on board for a looooong time....They'll get to know what a bottomed-out franchise looks like...Old guys getting fat contracts and draft choices gone with the wind.....heh heh...Glad your gone Brenda....and please don't ever think we actually liked you in any form whatsoever :lol: :lol: Man are we lucky to be rid of that little weasel.. :rockin: :thup:

Talk about classless. :wink:

I'm sooooooooooo glad he wasn't hired as VP instead of Mack. I was really happy when Taman left. Now maybe some of the Taman-lovers in the Winnipeg media will stop gushing on him like they have in the past.

Wow ! :wink: Talk about thin skin... :wink: He does not like blue ! Oh my Roberts didn't take care of himself and Kelly is great ! :wink:

Bomber fan = Sissy ! :wink:

I'll do like Papa and put winks everywhere so we are all good :wink: :wink:

Pretty sure he is just saying that because he is with the riders now. Thats his hometown, cant blame him for liking it there more

....... :wink: :wink: :wink: ....you better be winking.....i',m sure Taman was :lol: .....HOWEVER....bottom line his record speaks for itself.....and that would be kind of unsuccessful in the Blue Bomber organization....I would say , with his latest comments to the peanut gallery, shows his pandering to the locals in riderville.....but most of all, a cover for his ineptness :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You get a cigar for that one. :cowboy:

Now we know who's fault it is that Brendan dresses up so bad...

Mr. Taman a strip tie on a plaid shirt covered by a patterned Cardigan is just offensive, having said that Brendan must have gotten a raise. I wonder if he's still dating that ex Bomber chearleader ?

u know its funny, mike kelly had to appologize for repeating what a fan said about the rough riders at the fan forum last year. whats the difference? ahhh yes.. kelly = hated by our local media. taman = loved for some odd reasons.

Personally I don't care that he was joking. I was glad when he left and I'm even more glad he wasn't re-hired.

Taman was a media darling here because he kissed the collective butts of the media. I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the "unnamed sources" of the Winnipeg media. That would certainly explain why they knew so much about his interview and that he'd been offered the position and how the Winnipeg media was scooping the Saskatchwan media regarding the GM hiring by the Riders.

How dare Taman make jokes about the Bombers! Doesn't he know that they are the best run team in pro sports?!

....now that he's no longer employed by the Bombers, that might be a distinct possibility in the future :wink: :lol: