Tamans Seen Enough

About time too, Tamans seen enough of the special teams nightmare, changes are coming.

Sunday, October 7, 2007 - 12:00PM

By Ed Tait,
Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman spent most of Saturday holed up in his office and cursing while watching the video evidence of his club's latest loss.

And if ever a man was in need of some solitary confinement, Taman was Exhibit A. Let's just say the boss' blood was still boiling hours after Friday's 26-20 loss to the B.C. Lions.

"It's the day after a loss so I'm not too happy," he began. "What's frustrating the hell out of me is that if we're going to get beat, at least get beat going the right way. But we're making the same mistakes now we were in Week 1."

Now, while Taman rattled off the odd gaffe and brain cramp on offence and defence from the loss to the Lions, the focal point of his wrath is the work of the special teams' units.

And he's pulling no punches.

"It's a huge flaw with our football team right now," he said. "A huge flaw. The mistakes we're making... what bothers me is it's Week 15 and we're still making them. If we're all that brain dead on special teams then maybe we've got to start replacing the people. We've got to look at everything because we've got to fix it.

"And that opening kickoff (recovered by the Lions when the Bombers failed to jump on a bouncing ball)... it was like watching Laurel and Hardy out there. It was ridiculous. It was like a grenade had dropped down and nobody wanted to jump on it. We should have had the ball on our 45-yard line and with a couple of first downs maybe we're in field-goal range. Instead, B.C. goes up 6-0 on us.

"Here's the thing," continued Taman, "we're not going to get to where we want to get -- the Grey Cup -- playing like that."

The Bombers, now 8-5-1, have lost two of their last three. And their timing couldn't have been worse because their GM -- once dubbed Trader Taman -- is an active player when it comes to wheeling and dealing.

Oh, and just FYI, the trading deadline is Tuesday at 3 p.m.

"I'm going to look at our special teams and see what might be out there to help us," said Taman. "We'll look at everything because we've got to fix this problem.

"But we need more of a sense of urgency across the board. It's like we're thinking, 'Oh, we've got a five-point lead, we can afford to drop one.' Hello. Some of our mistakes not acceptable. We need to be a team that can win a game like Toronto did (Saturday) with our special teams -- instead of them being a big factor in why we lost one.

"The silver lining to this is we've got a long week of preparation. Is our offence good enough to put us in position to win? Yes. Can our defence make enough plays for us to win? Yes. But our special teams...

"We can focus on the positive, but we've also got to get real here. No more B.S. We've got a problem and it's got to be fixed right now."

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Subs put in superb showing

ya you have to like taman if you are a bomber fan he always get the job doneright now we need a kick returner and i am sure he will do the best in his ability to get us one. he also did a great job resigning stevie baggs and picking up jabari issa to replace the injusries on our d line

...should've thought twice about letting Dorsey go...something i knew was a mistake right away (tried to tell Taman but he doesn't listen to me) maybe he didn't show much at t.c. ...but i don't think he had enough reps....shows to go ya though....you can't get all the personnel moves right all of the time.....I hope we can spring a guy like Tompkins out of the Esks. line-up or someone credible.....and please put Baggs on the special teams...if we're gonna mess up with people on down-field tackles....at least have someone out there who isn't afraid to hit....make returners start respecting our special teams ...instead of having a big laugh... :rockin: :rockin: :oops: :roll:

Better late then never i suppose, i can’t talk trash about Taman , as he made us contenders and made some good moves, but we are 14 games into the season, it is about time we do something with our special teams.

Can’t really fault AJ3 for poor returns with the blocking schemes, should we really go out and sign or trade for someone who will be a new kick returner?

I agree with the Dorsey comment, but as you said, can’t blame Taman for thinking AJ3 is the man. Maybe AJ3 is a little past his prime, or actually should say probably.

So do we go out and sign a returner or change the ST blocking and personal? with proper blocking AJ3 CAN get us in decent position to start our drives.

Just thowing this out there, if Taman is thinking the returner is a problem, who can he get? and for what cost? Bashar Levingston, maybe?

I have a better idea, instead of trading or wasting $$ on a returner, two simple words, FRED REID!! give him a shot against the Stamps, i like what i seen from Fred in the couple times he has returned, little guy with speed (ie. dorsey)

'''i liked Reid as well bluengold....but he lacks experience at the return position....now a guy like Brashir Levingston is a definite threat....one dimensional....but i think we should have a look at him... :roll:..wouldn't be surprised if we seen someone come in this week...

For me personally we should concentrate on the downfield coverage and tackling when kicking or punting.

Also work on the blocking on all returns, i think AJ3 can still bust out with good blocking and Fred Reid should be utilized as a returner as well, maybe try the double returner's for a change, might work out.

Have you noticed that everytime AJ3 has the ball he is surrounded by 4 or 5 tacklers, not his fault, need help blocking.

Hebert has been a monster on ST, but everyone else seems a little scared to block, stick Baggs out there on all special teams, anyone who is not scared to block or give a solid (legal) smack on another player.

Seems everyone except Hebert are afraid to lay the smack down.

On a side note, Simpson is a true warrior, i didn't want to start another post for this, but man he played a pretty good game considering he was obviously hurting, that is a warrior and all the Bomber's should take notice of that

AJ3 isn't the problem, blocking and tackling are.

Couldn't agree more. The returners on this team are NOT the problem. It's the damn blocking.

Sure Livingston broke the odd return, but why hasn't anyone else signed him? Because more often than not he'd lose yards. Pinball finally had enough of him and cut him.

And let's not forget that AJ'd have at least a few touchdowns if we had people that could block (and block legally) on our return teams...

...the thing is T.O. cut Levinston because he was one dimensional....not because he was a lousy returner.....Dorsey was picked up by the Argos because he could also play in the backfield as well as return punts.......as far as i'm concerned AJ is a competent returner ... but has lost some speed....bringing in a guy who is a definite threat to take it to the house (of course the blocking has to be there) wouldn't hurt...the BigBlue HAVE to do something to shake up the special teams dept. orrrrrrr ..and i've said it alot....we are gonna get burned in the playoffs...and you can put money on that... :roll:

Actually, I happened to hear Knuckles say the same thing...that Pinball was fed up with Livingston's penchant to lose yards on the return.
Agree that something has to be done to fix up the special teams, I just don't think AJ is the problem...Seems to me just about every time he catches the punt/kickoff he's already surrounded by the other team...And when he does break one, as he's done several times this season, some bonehead gets caught holding or we get called for an illegal block.

Trading deadline came & went. Status quo. Taman will probably have to see more of the same. After 14 weeks it’s either that these guys haven’t been coached properly or they are just not good enough.

,,,definitely no changes made by trade....hmmmmm is little Ezra Landry still playing around in europe....can't see him being much of an upgrade though......guess we'll have to go with what we have and do a lot of praying .. (unless Taman is hiding someone in the weeds) :wink: :roll:

The way he sounded sure seem to indicate somthing would happen. I am willing to wait and see but special teams are costing us games. Might go for a look in the weeds. Who's the patron saint of football? Not much sense praying to the wrong one. hehe

...You're right Bird'....sounded like something big would happen.... oh well...the patron saint of football,would have to be Vince Lombardi...for the nfl....and at least in Wpg. ...Bud Grant....don't know whether he can help us now though.....Taman better come up with something :lol: :lol: