You have no idea what you are talking about BIGU. The fans want Taman and Bauer replaced long ago.We will not win anything with those two. It is time for change at the top. Not just changing running backs. If you like Taman so much you can go to fan appreciation day and get his autograph.

Why do so few people actually read on these boards. Sanjay - please show me where I say I am a big fan of Tillman's. Please show me where I say Winnipeg fans want Taman and Bauer kept. Read what I wrote before you respond next time.

Bannister has been twice a scratched from the line up. I would not be surprised they will announce a new DB coming in Brandon smith played well last night in Bannisters spot.

BIGU now that we lost against the Riders again. Can you tell us when Taman will be cleaning out his desk. When will Bauer be leaving as well.

Well there should be light at the end of the tunnel, Berry should be gone Monday morning if he's not gone this week then i'll be shaking my head

Berry has 3 years to his contract. Board of directors would have to make that decision. If there is one bean counter in the bunch the guy is a fixture for at least another 2 years.

...this bull$hit should land at Tamans door squarely.....Berry is not going anywhere ...UNLESS he agrees to a parting of the ways....Bauer better come up with some quick bafflegab....or exit stage ...whatever.... :thdn:

Might take something like this:

Give me half my salary, a Winnebago, 3 horses and I take Serna with me :wink:

I think Berry needs to go and I'm not a Taman fan. But the fact is the Bombers played their best game today in a long time. The Riders are, in my opinion, the only team that could have come back on them like they did today. Anyone else and Winnipeg would have won.

Bishop got a hot hand late in the game but Serna and his 27 yard punt was self inflicted.

That's the problem with being 2-7 is that a game that normaly would have been an honorable loss is well just another loss...

Our defense cost us (lost us) that game today in the 4th quarter, they mailed it in. I can't say I knew any of Sask. receivers.

That being said: the Ian Logan experiment is over. Trying to replace a ball hawk such as Hebert is too much to ask for; but Logan tries real hard to be like him.

Serna is absoultely brutal. Just brutal.

Did someone say Serna is brutal? I hope so. If not, let me know.

Redwhite loves to do this. Talk about Jim Barker. What was Barkers record in Calgary? In Toronto?

WHO CARES !!!!!! Whatever his record was, it had to be better than Taman's and Bauer's record this year.