All the problems relating to the Bombers has been blamed on Roberts. Basically he is the escape goat. The biggest problem is the front office and the decisions that has been made so far. Asper Stadium and ownership, Bauer and his non chalant approach to concerns of the fans. Taman and Bauer signing Berry to a 2 year extension. The treatment of Westwood. Sarna the flop. Cartwright etc etc. Taman has been immune to any and all results of this team. I heard Taman on the radio and was disgusted listening to him. As long as he is around we won't go anywhere. Our biggest problem is at quarterback. Very simple. The trade itself may backfire. Smith has been a big problem in BC. With the circus atmosphere in Winnipeg, the RD position is only a small problem with the team. Taman must go.

I think the front office is feelin the heat now and did this in pure desperation there are people more deserving to be traded than roberts. They are saying it was done because roberts couldn't get anything going which is true but what about our joke of a QB Glenn? he had lots of time in the pocket sunday and threw very efficiently to the wrong team no different than any other game he's played but god forbid berry part with Kevin Glenn anyway.

To understand the injustice that happened here we have to go back to week one:

Toronto 23 vs Winnipeg 16 :

Winnipeg gets humiliated at home Glenn throws 3 interceptions kills just about every momentum drive the Bombers mount.

Roberts has 13 carries for 78 yards and a TD, 4 catchs for 19 yars = 100 yards from scrimmage and a TD. So Roberts at week one of this season still has it...So the BS that Berry and Doug Brown are spouting off is proven just that BS.

Defense gets 3 sacks Oline allows 2
Serna is victim of a bad snap.

Only guy who failed the team is Glenn and his substitute centre....who can't snap the ball after a whole training camp. Berry and Taman knew that. Khan was on the operating table months before...They went in to the season with no centre and Poussy of a QB.

Culprit : Glenn and the make shift Centre

Game two

Winnipeg 24 vs Montreal 38

Roberts touched the ball 3 times in the first half. By the time he got his 3rd. carry the score was Montreal 31 Bombers 0. On that third carry he ran 3 yards for a touchdown.

Behind 25 points Roberts would see the ball 3 more times during the second half. While Glenn went 2 and out 4 consecutive times the Als put up 31 points against a very poorly prepared defense.

Culprit: Greg Marshall and Keven Glenn

Game 3

Lions 42 vs Bombers 24

Charles Roberts gets 4 carries by the half Lions lead 21 to 3 by the end of the third quarter the Lions lead 42 to 8 and Glenn has already thrown 2 interceptions.

Culprit: Glenn 2 interceptions and a bunch of two and out and Marshall's defense getting torched again.

Game 4

Winnipeg 18 vs Lions 24

Again Glenn throws 3 interceptions. Roberts despite a fumble rushes 12 times for 51 yards and catches 6 passes for 53 yards = 104 yards from scrimmage and is the only player on offense to show any production.

Culprit: Glenn with his 3 interceptions

So to hear Berry and Brown last night spew the BS that Charles Roberts has lost his game made me sick to my stomach. Did he lose his desire to play, his confidence? Sure like every other Bomber on that team. But let it be remembered that those who caused the Bombers to tank this year are:

Doug Berry for cutting Westwood without a replacement

Kevin Glenn for shitting the bed and constantly putting his team in trouble with turnovers early in the games

Doug Brown, Canada and Hall: Defensive captains and top earners for allowing that defense to get torched game after game.

Alexis Serna for his league low 32 yard punt average and unreliable place kicking.

Berry and Taman for putting Donnely at Centre when he couldn't do the job.

Taman for going along with the follies of his crazy coach.

Bomber and Roberts fans need to remember what happened here. I have a feeling Roberts will reinforce this point in the coming months.

Charles Roberts and Bomber fans were skrewed by Berry and Taman

right on, well said

Again I do agree with HfxTC. However, I still believe roberts played himself off the team because that's exactly what he wanted. As for the fans, if Roberts had an attitude that really wanted to get to 10,000 yards, DON'T YOU THINK HE'D STAY MOTIVATED. I challenge any one of you to deny that or I accuse you of all being liars. BUT THINK ABOUT IT FIRST. Remember, we're not confusing ourselves with hating Roberts. I believe that Roberts had he wanted to stay would have done so with everything in his power.

This follows my simple conclusion that even 10,000 yards as a Bomber, in spite of that milestone, Roberts didn't want it badly enough to survive for the fans! Now he's a Lion. . .

  1. I don't respect that one bit.
  2. Ask me if I should care if you agree with it but that's the truth of the matter.

Heart has a place in this game, Milt has it, and he came back to deliver the goods.

If you ask milt if he's disappointed about WHAT ROBERTS DID for this TO HAPPEN. . . I'll bet my RRSP collection on it. I kid you not.

That may well be. But that points to an organisational problem. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Cut him, Trade him...but don't dice the guy on the Teams radio broadcaster.

Even though Taman has been the GM for awhile, Berry was actually the first HC he had ever hired on his own.

Todays paper just confirmed what we suspected all along, Berry tried from day one to get Taman to get rid of Roberts because he wanted a big power back like he had in Montreal.

Taman held out for more than 2 years because he loves Roberts, the pressure to replace him came from Berry and no one else.


re; 4ever

nobody here is whe-ing, man.

Don't know why ANYONE wants Westwood to come back and why that kind of posting keeps coming up in these forums. The guy was practically useless the past 3 years. He had a bit of a run near the end of last season, but that's not consistent enough for him to remain. Serna is not doing any better or worse % wise really, and is probably not the answer either, but Troy the Boy's best days are defintely over. Get over it and retire with some class you clown!

As far as Roberts, he hauled the mail very well for many years, but he definitely did not look the same this season. That burst of speed and even ability to shed tackles like before was not there consistently. Maybe he was dogging it a bit instead of having lost it, but if that's the case, then even better to trade him. Don't need half efforts on this team right now. Sir Charles is not the only issue on this team, but this trade is as much a shake-up and wake-up call for the rest of the team as to also trying to get a better running back to fit your offensive system. Sure, trade Glenn I say too, but who wants him is my question...most likely no one. Any team can pick up Crandell for nothing if you want a one hopper off the turf thrower.

Same with everyone complaining about big bad Berry. Are we playing football with men here or tiddly winks with boys? I'd be ripping this team too as coach with some of the pathetic efforts so far, especially the offense. It's about time Taman did something ala Tillman in Sask too. Tillman knew the QB'ing was not good enough and pulled the trigger for his team TO TRY TO WIN! And that's the bottom line to me...wins. Sure, sad to see Charlie go, would be nice to see him retire in Bomber Blue, but that's very unusual in today's pro sports world to remain with one team all your years. Jordan, Rice, Gretzky and many others with WAY bigger names than Roberts all moved onto other teams. It's not the end of the world.
Maybe it will be a flop trade in the end, maybe not, but staying status quo is definitely not the answer either.


RW2005 and I have been telling you guys Taman has been a problem for years.

The word of Jim Barker to his team :

I am your enemy! I am here witht he soul purpsoe to replace you. If a player does not play to his potential he will be replaced.

Taman to his team:
Heck guys I really like you all and well you did get us to the Grey Cup and that should be good enough for me. No need for changes you guys go out and play football golly gee.

Of course the Taman quote is untrue Barkers is not. The point is you should always make changes to a team for the sake of getting better regardless of how you performed the year before.
Just maybe Taman should have brought in many players to push his aging vets. Right now no one can tell me Milty is as effective as we was like last year. Or Roberts is as good as he was last year. Look at the linebackers. Are they as good? What about the db’s. Your defense is not that bad but the offense is just bad.
You can not totally blame Glenn. The receivers have not been that effective as well. Bryant and Armstrong ar not bad but the others are underacheiving.
The Stamps right now have two things wrong and will not take them far. The pass rush and the Calvin Bannister. The front four are not getting pressure the db’s run around much to long to be effective. Much like the Bombers defense.

The point is change should have happened this spring in TC. Taman should take the heat becuase frankly he let down the good bomber fans.
Coaching I think you would all agree with me that Berry screaming his head off at and under achieving team is not going to get these guys motivated. The only game this team should their net worth was against the Stamps really.
So what do you the fans need to do. Keep supporting your team changes are coming and thats hope this nightmare ends for you all.

If you've been keeping score around these parts lately, you'd see we've had it with managment issues especially. (good post rw.) Do you see us laughing? (Go to ourbombers the world's undisputed fanboy site known to human kind.) You will quickly see that the lack of disparity here does not run thin. In fact, we commend it.

Also in fact; seeing that Roberts has been traded fully depreciates Taman's stock. I truly thought roberts would be a bomber for life. Now a lie.

But you guys are welcome to post every last detail you want about the managment issue, because it's not lost on us "unfaithful types." Har-har.

Bauer is a joke, fully aware the masses are defying him behind his back no less! Poor Bauer can't even defend himself, (shhh. . . ) everyone to ourbombers!

Apparently it has not been announced yet that Berry signed a three year extension. Yes a sad day for the bomber fans.

Taman learned most of his trade from Dave Ritchie, and it was no secret that Dave tended to hold onto veteran players a little longer than he should of had out of loyalty to them.

Berry will probably save Tamans azz this time because he has no problem getting rid of those veterans when it appears they are past their best before date.

Taman just needs to stay out of Berrys way and let him do what he has to do.

Your last sentence is bang on Piggy!

Taman just needs to stay out of Berry's way and let him do what he has to.

Oh for crying out loud. Taman trades Charlie (who most people feel has either lost a step or interest) and he gets ripped. But in the same thread he gets ripped for holding on to vets too long. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

He's ripped for not bringing back Greene and Sheridan and yet also ripped for not replacing vets soon enough.

I live in Winnipeg and I am amazed at how many fans think these opposing thoughts at the same time. Truth is I'm not a big Tillman fan, but geez, make up your minds about what you don't like.

BigU, My mind has been made up for a long time. Sporty and I have stated time and again Taman is not a good GM. As far as this trade it was necessary. Roberts is not brining anything to the table. But he got rid of one problem and brought another into a disfunctional team.

..You can bet Tamans job is under the microscope....from now till the end of the year....IF the big fa signings Taman was responsible for, don't start performing and this latest trade doesn't work out....then i believe it will be 'adios' Brenden...simple as that... :wink:

...one question my son....IF Barker is so tough ...how come Bannister and a few other non-performers, on 'd; for the stamps, are still around ; Bannister is a seive....makes our secondary look good.... :lol: