Taman will sign the guy for kick to win!

Well will Taman do it again! I would bet!

he made a mistake in not doing soccer style. I knew from the beginning that he would not have the strength for 50 yrds, but soccer style would have increased his chance at the 40.

It also looks to me like he was kicking too easy. Looked like slow mo. At least he is 25000 worth of stuff richer.

Yes, and Taman is on the phone right now!

but before he signs him, he will ask him if he plays the banjo

Ouch very true!

....look-out Troy....the big-guy is coming...Taman is negotiating as we speak...trying hard to out-bid the stumps.... :lol:

Hey 05, I was starting to wonder if the feathers got stuck in your throat, hows it tasting lad. You better hope those stumps dont lay an egg tonight because the retribution is going to be quick and merciless, lol.

Oh piggy you no dad will not have to take part in the feast of the crow but you will indeed be eating my friend. Yup Westood will be replaced by Bill! And I think dad you forgot who is kicking for the Stamps the guy is a machine he is not human. So leave the jealousy where it belongs.

I cant hear you 05, take the feathers out of your mouth lad.

I wonder if 05 wants some salt and pepper for that crow as well.... :lol:

A great game by the Bombers, congrats to Roberts on this 3rd rushing title in 4 yrs. Glenn looked good in this game, Armstrong compliments Stegall very well. If Winnipeg can find a third receiver, they will be a force to be reckoned with in this league. Glenn looked like he is finally starting to become a no 1 QB as well. A


I thought the guy last year had a stronger leg.