Taman whinning about loss

This is amazing. These folks deserve better. If we'd have had Kevin (Glenn), who knows what might have happened?

Isn't it this guy's job to bring in players to win football games? I mean so what, you were playing with your backup quarterback? We were missing probably one of the best recievers in Dominguez, and Cates was playing with a broken foot.
I understand it was a heart breaking loss, but you have to find just as solid backups as starters in order to win anywhere in any professional sport.

dude, post his next sentance...u know, the one where he says:

But they had some injuries too, so I'm sure they'd have said the same thing."

I agree, he has nobody to blame but himself and is clearly trying to deflect the real issue.

the "what if" game is like the song that never ends - Every team has injured players - players the passed on signing - traded players that excelled elsewhere. In the end it only matters who shows up on the final game and the "what if's" becomes things for dreamers not historians :slight_smile:

Any time a G.M makes a comment like this, it takes away from the other team. We are the Grey Cup champions, and there should be no excuses for loosing to us. I don't care if his dog was playing quarterback, as a GM its your job to find the talent.

You have taken a direct quote from a story and posted it without explaining the purpose of the story. The purpose of that story was that Taman was overwhelmed with the support of the Blue Bomber fans, despite the fact that the team didn't win the Grey Cup. Instead of being out celebrating your team's win, you're here trying to rub salt into wounds. After the many heartbreaking seasons that the Saskatchewan fans have had to endure, one would assume that you would understand that even G.M.'s are human and feel the heartache of a Grey Cup loss. Taman was not whining about the injury. I suggest you post the entire article instead of one quote taken completely out of context.

Well said Dart. Cherry- picking quotes out of an article can spin anyone's position, weak! I too am disappointed with the loss. I was there, cheered my team as hard as I could and was sorry to see the season end that way. I too couldn't help but wonder "what if" ... not because I am begrudging the Riders their win, but because I'm HUMAN and am disappointed.

I understand that this is the game of football, I understand that "them's the breaks" (pardon the pun) and that &*^+ happens. Doesn't mean it's not disappointing and voicing that isn't a slap in the face to the opponent. I congratulate the Riders on a great season and on being 2007 Grey Cup Champions.

Seems that some people are questioning Milt Stegall's refusal to talk to the media.....hmmmmmm? Seems to make more and more sense to me - appears that people will take one or two sentences and SPIN SPIN SPIN. Why bother!??!

I'm not trying to rub salt into anybody's wounds here, but you don't, under any circumstances, use an injury as an excuse, especially when your job is to bring players in to fill in case of an injury. I did my celebration, but to tell you the truth that little comment takes away from my team who won the Cup, saying the only reason why they won was because of an injury.

Well, I don't see what his job has to do with anything as I assume you would have the same complaint if the comment came from the equipment manager. I don't read it as an excuse,nor do I see any mention of the only reason they won was because of injury. I see it as uttering outloud a "what might have been scenario". As I described in my previous post...it means nothing, "what if's" hold no weight, but I understand why he thought it. I shared that sentiment. So might I add, did the Rider fans sitting with me during the game. No excuses and in my eyes, not a slight to your team. I'm sorry it's upsetting to you.

Sounds like your trying to justify things in your own mind greenandwhite. Enjoy your victory and don't worry as the what if's are just that. The Eastern MVP Kevin Glenn was on the sidelines curtesy of Kevin EIBEN so don't forget to send him his xmas card!

Sore losers.

:lol: That's rich. My congratulations in the previous post was genuine. Too bad you can't accept it graciously. Too busy griping I suppose.

Explain what you mean by this.

Not trying to fight greenandwhite. My opinion has been expressed. I don't share your view where you complaint that the comments "took away" from your team's win. I feel that is griping. My opinion.

That being said...I stand by my original post that I salute the Riders on their win and efforts over the whole season.

I'm going to say one more thing and then I'm done. If it was Tillman or Austin who made the comment, ever non-rider fan on here would be making a big deal about it.

Nevertheless you picked out one portion of a quote of his and spun it out of context. If what drummer posted was indeed a carry-on the the quote you posted, then I find absolutely no fault in what he said.

It's the truth. Who know's what would have happened if Glenn hadn't broken his arm. Who knows what would have happened if Joseph wouldn't have been the only quarterback in the league to not get seriously injured this season. Who knows what it would have been like if Dominguez wouldn't have been injured...

It's not so much taking away from our victory, but lamenting on what might have been.

I really see know point in this thread.

Your team won fair and square and I congratulate the Riders. But Kevin Glenn is the leader of the team. However you are right it is the GMs job to fill in for injured players. When Asper takes over the Bombers be rest assured he will fill in for injuries. And he will not worry about any salary caps imposed by the league, not matter how much it costs. He already has indicated as such.

He was OPINING not whining. There is no foul here.

GreenandWhite: It is hard to lose graciously, but even harder to win graciously. Don't spoil the moment for the rest of the Prider Fans.

You have noticed this as well. Look at the people that started posts slamming the losers of the GC. Each and everyone of them was started by a sore winner. Sad very sad.