Taman trades down :)

Haven't seen this much off season action in years in he CFL. Trade of the day, Corey Watson and a 3rd rounder to Saskatchewan for Prospect Bastien (Concordia) and a 2nd round pick.

Love this trade from a Bombers perspective. As much as Watson was one of my favourite Bombers, he couldn't stay out of the tub and at 31 was getting up there in age. So dropping his salary, getting another top 15 pick in a loaded draft and picking up a developmental Canadian is a decent move by Walters. Could be a win/win, if Watson can avoid his annual hamstring injury as when he is healthy, he's a top 5 Canadian receiver.

The Riders landed Watson and a 2015 third-round pick for Canadian receiver Kris Bastien, a 2015 second-round selection and [u]the rights to a player on Winnipeg's negotiation list[/u].
That last bit is interesting, though we may never find out who it is.

The quote is slightly off, as Winnipeg also received a player off of Sask's negotiation list. Could lead to something or could lead to nothing.

Sask's receiver situation is pretty weird right now. If they re-sign Dressler, they'll be paying a lot for four receivers. Herb Z from the Gazette reported Getzlaf is making $225k, Dressler will likely be in the $250k range (based on what Green is likely now getting), it's been reported that Watson is making $150-160k and I'd imagine Bagg is in that same range. That's a lot of cash locked up in the receiving core. Maybe Trader Taman isn't done yet.

Bombers have said they will acknowledge it if/when they sign him. I wonder if it's a defensive player that Hall liked?

Odd move for the Riders. Reportedly you have Getzlaf at $225K, Bagg must be over $100K, Watson is for sure over $100K, and you'd think if they managed to resign Dressler it would have to be north of Getzlaf's $225K and probably along the lines of Green's $250K (though Dressler could command even more since he can return kicks). So if they sign him you're looking in the neighbourhood of $750K for 4 receivers?

I'm not sure exactly what the Riders are doing. Not at all surprised to see Taman dumping draft picks for players already in the league. Does this mean they are considering changing their ratio to 3 NI receivers? I read that they might've been looking to go after Green had he hit FA, so is this just a reaction to not getting the slot they were hoping to get in FA? And does that mean they are conceding they are losing one or both of Heenan and Dressler? I know they opened up some room dumping Picard, but they have one of the longer lists of players about to hit FA in a couple of weeks which they will need to resign or replace, Brackenridge I'm sure got a raise to stick around, and they might've taken on a bit more money in the Foley-Emery swap. Looking forward to reading the Rider fan perspective.

From my bomber fan POV, I will miss Watson's physical play but only getting to see him play half seasons I'm used to him not being out there already. Feoli-Gudino was a surprise and we have Kolhert, both have been good possession receivers. And the extra pick now gives us 4 in the top 20 of what should be a deep draft. Less pressure to take OL with the 2nd overall pick as there should be some good ones in the 2nd round still. Maybe they take local product Nick Demski early to replace Watson. And they get a little more cap space after losing some signing Picard to use in FA or to sign the neg list player we also got from the Riders in this trade.

You could be right, maybe they flip Watson to an Eastern team in a deal the Bombers couldn't make work? Especially if this is accurate:

Doug Brown ?@DougBrown97 22m22 minutes ago

My understanding is that Watson asked 2 B traded back East 2 B closer 2 his family in Montreal.....Someone grab me a map of the provinces.

I see your assuming Dressler won't go anywhere. Interesting.

I like this Kyle guy :wink:

Haha, stranger things could happen. If Taman let Dressler get away, the manure dump on McCallum's lawn will look like a friendly gift by comparison. :smiley:

The Als definitely need a national receiver to replace Eric Deslauriers; that would be as close to his home as he could get.

He was heartbroken when Montreal passed him over for Matte. Unfortunately he was an older rookie at 27, his age worked against him. He's a slot and I don't know where he would play in Montreal.