Taman To Get Complete Control In Regina

8) The Sask Roughriders have scheduled a press conference for this afternoon, to announce that GM Brendan Taman
   will take over control of all football operations with the team.

    In other words they won't be replacing Ken Miller's old position as vice-president of football operations, with any new 
     outsider being hired.

     This move is like going from bad to worse for the Riders !!
      I am sure their fans will just be elated to hear this latest news.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The news they wanted was to see Hopson gone. They were expecting the Taman announcement.

Watch for the Riders' Canadian talent level to drop. Taman had a history in the Peg of trading Canadian draft picks and got little in return. I am very curious to see what he does with the #1 pick in 2012. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)