Taman to be new Riders GM

I guess one team's trash is another team's treasure... :stuck_out_tongue:


....i hope they have a huge store of ' napkins'......that will be the rider data-base of the future :lol: :lol: :lol: good luck

Or sometimes it is just trash ( The Professor )

I'm pretty sure the Riders are going to supply him with what he needs. Ever think that maybe he HAD to use the napkins? :slight_smile:

....yes he probably did....no denying that....he used a great number of them to scribble the names of the draft pics he was going to dump and trade off//// :lol: :lol:

Good move by the Riders. Brendan was the best available choice. Too bad Winnipeg---you get Mack the Knife instead.....

You're welcome to Taman. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad he wasn't hired by the Bombers. I did not want him back and I was far from alone in that opinion.

That's good. Now maybe the Argos can con him into trading some of those QB's Tillman stacked on the Sask. neg list. :wink:

We are currently taking offers for Graham Harrell........

Apprently we paid him last year for nothing because he buggered off to Coach the OSU Cowboys.......... :roll:

Seriously? Could it be he is just doing it for the interim?

....sounds like a signing/non signing Taman might have pulled off....wait it's just the beginning... :lol:

He was hired as a quality-control assistant. This article makes it sound like it's supposed to be an off-season job and he's going to keep playing for the Riders unless, of course, he gets another really, really bad case of turf toe and has to go on the IR for the season again.

What the heck does a "quality control assistant" do for a living, anyway??

I don't know, but it almost sounds like something Mike Kelly could've used...

Actually he had two on staff last season. One of Manny Matsakis' titles was Offensive Quality Control Coach and Don Burrell was Defensive Quality Control Coach.

According to Answers.com, quality control coaches "do not coach a specific position but have several other responsibilities. Among those duties are breaking down film of upcoming opponents, scouting those opponents, and acting as an assistant during practices."