Taman/ Tillman

A couple of days ago I was drinking my morning coffee and listening to OB when some announcer was stating that Taman was as good as Tillman. He rated both as the best in the league. I almost fell off my chair. Tillman I can see. But Taman. Even our sportscasters and sportswriters in this town are no good. The sportswriters said Cal was no good when they fired him. Hmmm. How many Grey Cups did he win in the peg as coach and GM ??

....as coaches go, Murphy was probably the best we've seen in many years...followed by Ritchie...who had some success...Berry, as of now ,seems to be following the Daley pattern...and that's not a good thing... as for Taman , he has made some bad decisions ...but over-all has done a fairly good job....Tilman is a very shrewd operator and i would certainly give him the edge over Brenden..

tilman has been great in ssk. gets alot of talanted and underrated players that step up big time for the team.

Taman has done a fine job to me as a gm. he has made alot of goo trades for skilled players, and found some good talent in the drafts. but unfortunatley for him he has never put a team togther to win the gc just show up for it. over all he is good but it might be time to look for a new face to lead this team with a different look for players.

In spite of inept coaching in the Grey Cup, if the Bombers had managed to win, Taman would be having champagne dinners now while Tillman would have had a truckload of manure sitting on his front lawn and a lynch mob with pitch forks and torches outside his office for trading Kerry Joseph.

Winning the Grey Cup covers a lot of warts–and the Bombers have a LOT of warts. From the head office to coaching to the cheerleading squad, this Bomber Club stinks to high heaven. The elephant in the Bomber’s room is the coaching staff, which is Bauer’s responsibility and Taman’s thorn in his side.

If it were up to Taman, Berry and Cartwright would be out of town by now, I suspect.

In the Cal Murphy days, Cal had the luxury of great scouting and connections that seemed to provide a limitless supply replacement players when one went down.

We’ll see what kind of connections Tillman and crew have. The way their players are dropping like flies, they’ll be lucky not to bottom out and go on a 6 game losing streak.