Taman staying put

Bombers deny Ticats permission to talk with GM

Kirk Penton Sun Media

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"Why would I say yes?" [Lyle] Bauer asked.

"If they called for Milt Stegall,
Terrence Edwards or Doug Brown,

what would I say?"

"He's done a good job here."

AND later in the article

There was speculation Taman might want
to get out after nine years in Winnipeg,

considering local businessman David Asper
is poised to take private control of the club
and would have the final say on all personnel.

It's believed any fears Taman might have had
about Asper shaking up the front office
have been alleviated.

Chance are slim that Scott Mitchell
can get any other G.M. candidates
to keep Charlie Taaffe as Head Coach

now that Scott's friend Brendan Taman
will not be getting hired as G.M. here.

Anyone except Jim Popp.
Lousy attitude as we have seen already. Lots better recruiters in the league. He would also want to keep Charlie. I predict we would be looking for another GM and head Coach in two years.

I say go after Taman anyway. Offer him twice the salary.

He is the only GM who can give us a
Grey Cup in just two years!!

That's Tampering and Will get us Fined..
He not Coming move on

If there is one thing I have learned from being a fan of the CFL is that anything is possible.

While it doesn't look like Brendan Taman is going to be the new Tiger-Cat general manager right now, stranger things have happened.

The only thing I take from that article is that Lyle Bauer is doing what we all knew he was going to do, and that is deny Scott Mitchell permission to talk to Taman. The rest of the article is just filler from Grey Cup week and the Bombers runner-up/second place in the beauty contest rally.

Now if Brendan Taman fully came out and said he was staying put himself, then there would be more of a story, but as the article notes, he didn't return any calls. I believe Bauer and the Winnipeg Sun published this so that if Taman chooses to leave, they look like the good guy and have ammunition to seek compensation, to go along with the fact that they obviously don't want him to leave.

But those are just my two or three cents.

One thing I have found that is funny is that some members of this forum favour current ____s or former ____s for the vacant post! That's blasphemy!


Actually, I have no problem with Adam Rita joining the Ticats and bringing Steve Buratto with him!

  • paul

I understand Lyle Baur taking that stance, but an unhappy GM is a bad GM, and if Taman told Baur he wanted out, he would be released!

Steve Buratto who couldn't figure out what the Bombers were doing on defense in the Eastern final and just kept having his offence throw long into exactly what the Bombers expected, and didn't make the necessary adjustments. No thanks.

Buratto puzzles me.

In Calgary he was offensive coordinator, and in the 2006 season Calgary had the best offence, statistically, in the league. Burris lays an egg in the Western seminfinal (something like 4 or 5 interceptions) and at the end of the season the Stamps fire Buratto. Seemed like a rather unfair firing, Buratto had run the best offence in the league all year and HE didn't throw all those interceptions.

So he lands as offensive coordinator this year in Toronto and Toronto's offence in 2007, is, well, somewhat anemic.

So is Buratto as good as his Calgary numbers would suggest or as poor as his Toronto numbers would suggest? Hard to tell.......

Even though Cats have been denied permission to talk to BT, nothing stops BT from resigning his current position to consider other employment opportunities - maybe even some in the CFL :wink:

Yeah, that is fine. But I don't think it is a matter of him being unhappy at all. And it is not like he is going to quit his job or ask to leave unless he is guaranteed the Tiger-Cat job.

So it's really all just posturing. Scott Mitchell will interview the four candidates he chooses, and if he is really set in stone on Taman, he will have to offer him big money for him to make a lateral move to the Tiger-Cats. Then and only then would you see Taman try to get out of his deal in Winnipeg.

It's like any workplace. I wouldn't quit my job now just so I could have an interview at another. But if a company came and offered me twice the salary to do the same job, I certainly would consider it! And if you polled most people, I am willing to bet 90% of them would take the job with the increased salary.

Either way, Taman will be employed next year. It is really just his choice as to where.

God! I hate the anticipation!

  • paul

With Asper set to take over Winnipeg and implement his ambitious plans for the team, a new facility plus residential/commercial complex, Taman would be insane to leave that for the Hamilton situation (or any other CFL team for that matter). Exiting times are about to happen in the 'Peg and Taman would be a key player in that if he stays. If Taman wants to stay or Asper wants to retain him, I'm quite sure they've already spoken and assurances have been made.

I think it will be either O'Billovich or Rita (the latter depending on what Pinball intends to do next season).

An Argo-Cat fan

That is a very valid point. I never thought of that. But it also important to note that the project they are looking to implement in Winnipeg might take a while to get approval with the city and the provincial governments. So I am not sure about Taman's involvement in any of that.

But you do raise a very good reason for him to stay.

  • paul

I don't know that Burrato's performance with the Argos should have as big an influence on an assessment of his abilities. The Argos had Ken Austin as their OC the previous year, and couldn't get that offense to produce. Meanwhile, we all know what he did with Sasketchewan this year.

Another thing...if Taman gets along with Bauer OK then we can pretty well forget it.
But as I understand it Taman and Scott Mitchell are good friends, buddies or whatever. Plus Taman would get a bigger paycheque offered to come here. So maybe its not over yet despite Bauer's comments.

Why does everyone want Taman? How many Grey Cups have the Bombers won in the past ten years? (he's been their GM the past 9).

The only person qualified to answer your question is Lyle Bauer. And he wants to keep Taman. :wink:

No real big surprise here. No reason for Bauer to want to give him up, but this won't hurt the TiCats' chances of landing someone of at least equal caliber.

Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Taman only been their GM for the last 3 or 4 years?

  • paul

I'm not really that thrilled with Taman either but looking at all the candidates - and even all the GMs in the league, there really aren't that many great ones. B.C. has consistently been good so I wouldn't mind O'Billovich. Toronto - as much as I hate them - are usually competitive so I would take Rita. And even Montreal, even though Popp doesn't seem that great, has always put up pretty good teams so I would swallow my pride and consider him. Other than that, no team has been consistently that good - including Taman and the Bombers.

Good for him. Why bring him to the Mitchell & Young Circus. Let's see they've ruined Greg Marshall and Desjardins...who's next. After all why come to a place where they don't give you a chance.