Taman signs contract extension with Blue Bombers

Good or bad? We’ve certainly been up and down during his time as GM.

...if you take into consideration the improvements made this year....i say good move....IF the Bombers finish high in the standings....GREAT MOVE.... :thup:

Hmmmm.... I would have waited a little longer before re-signing him. Sure, his team looks good now, but they're only 4 games into the season, and I can't say the last decade was really bright in the Peg.

What if Winnipeg ends with a 7-11 or 8-10 record? Would that warrant that bozo an extension?


Good point Third...What was the rush? 4 games don't make a season.

It's only been the last 2 years that have not been bright. There was a good stretch where no team had as many wins as WPG in the last 5 years or so before that. Taman took alot of credit for that rise, and rightfully so. he is one of the best in the league at finding, and bringing in talent.

Probably because other teams were becoming interested in him and calling him? ie. Saskatchewan, Edmonton. LOCK HIM UP! GOD is in the Peg for another 3 years at least.

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talent in years past such as khari jones in a trade for no one, charles roberts, mike sellers, juran bolden, brian clark, gavin walls, kevin glenn,albert johnson, jamie stoddard, ricky bell, doug brown, dave mudge, ike charlton, ron ockimey, anthony malbrough...what about arland bruce, and geroy simon?

and in this past offseason..barin simpson,ron warner, kelly malveaux (again for nothig) obby khan, and val st.germain

What about Chris Brazzell lol!

Peterson for Brazzell thats been one of my favorites. Peterson is just a pile of crap no matter which way you cut it and Brazzell on the other hand has these BIG games every now and then plus hes a solid number 2 WR.

oh yah! i totally forgot about that trade..that was a great trade..and evryone said we got another dropper..HAHA..yea right, hes rekindling his career here

LOL....Kamau Incompleterson... :lol:

Taman signed Khari Jones into a huge contract before noticing he wasn't worth it. Jones was later traded for not much and nobody really cared about keeping him employed.

Mike Sellers, Juran Bolden and Ron Ockimey are average players.

Taman could not keep Brian Clark, Arland Bruce nor Geroy Simon. He traded Ricky Bell and Dave Mudge for basically nothing (unless you are a huge Aaron Fiacconi fan!).

Anthony Malbrough - the ever injured CB - was acquired in a trade that sent the high qulity hardest-hitting safety away.

Ibby Khan and Val St.Germain were acquired in the dispersal of a team during which ALL general managers could get a few players of talent.

You did get Kelly Malveaux for nothing, but you'll notice later this season how you'll get your money's worth.

Beside, Taman wasted the most prolific part of the offseason waiting to sign a guy who was just 78% sure of becoming a Bomber (and who later opted for the option worth 22%); signed a punter who disappeared in an airport (and later disappeared from the whole CFL map); signed a drug-suspended halfback without even meeting him (which would have allowed the GM to notice how fat and out of shape he was) and fueled a soap opera by forcing to Wininpeg an overpaid linebacker not even interested in going there and stucked in the USA for domestic violence issues.

So you see, there are more than one way to look at Taman's achievements.

But hey... you are 3-1...

You must be relatively new to the CFL if you thought that Mike Sellars and Juran Bolden were "average" players. Any Bomber fan still holds these 2 in very high regard.

...hmmmm Kelly Melveaux...now that was a good signing....seems he really likes playing for Berry rather than the Don...he's done nothing but excel since coming to the Bombers...

Sellers & Bolden average.....guess thats why they still play in the NFL along with 2 or 3 others Taman unearthed.....

Definitely good. He worked his butt off for it. OUR TEAM IS NOW A FRICKIN' CONTENDER! It's been awhile since I could say that. Here's hoping the great signings/finding of amazing players by Taman will continue in the future!

On the downside, RW05 will be going bananas in his sleep. "HHHHHeeeeebbbbbeeeeerrrrrttttt"