Taman Report Card

Based on 14 games to date... good, bad, indifferent? Also, I know he arrived from the Peg, but what's with the consitant Winnipeg connection? He does have contacts outside of Winnipeg I hope.

I think the damage has not yet become obvious. But it will.

I live in a city with a WHL team, which won the Memorial Cup. The next year, the coach got a job in the pros. The new coach sucked, and the players all hated him, but no one noticed because he took the previous coach's team back to the Mem Cup, never won a game there. The following year, the regular season record was worse, and the team didn't get as far. This trend continued each and every year that he was there, until he left. As the former coach's players left, the replacements that were taught by the new guy just didn't have the tools taught to them. Not once did the team show improvement during the second coach's tenure.

I think we will see the same with Taman at GM. As Tillman's old guard retires or moves on to free agency, the Riders will get worse and worse until somebody realizes just where the problem lies. God help us if Taman gets to pick any more of the coaching staff.

I hate the Winnipeg cast off plan that is now underway. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I see things getting any better. I foresee dark days ahead for the Riders, and have been saying so to anyone who would listen since the day Taman was hired.

Solid F.

Unfortunately what you say makes sense. I guess we've been living off of the Tillman/Austin era. Since Austin has moved onto Cornell perhaps we can get him back one day. Higgins for Taman or even Higgins for HC if Miller hangs up his hat. I really don't know Taman's history too well but he must have had success somewhere in order to get where he is at. And shouldn't he be talking up to some of the teams to get some help on the Oline. Calgary did a big trade last year towards the end of the season with Winnipeg. I'll have to give Taman.... a D. Simpson was a good addition even though he's an ex-Pegger.

One more year with Taman and we will replace Edmonton with last place in 2011. Tamans contacts are those who supply him with napkins. I am sick hearing of Brendans huge success finding Stegall, Simon, Roberts, and a few others. Michael Ball loves Brendan. That would be Michael Ball who once played for McCrystal and was such a great football player. In my ass!!

yup, the only balance right now is that Miller must sign off on Taman's decisions. Riders are screwed once Taman and Berry are in charge.

In the last week a number of teams have made a number of (non-injury related signings). I haven't seen anything out of Taman. Are we making a run for the cup or not? Tons of NFL guys out there right now, don't we have any connections or guys on our watch list we can bring into camp. Pass rusher and Oline man would be a good start, especially
Ly now that the next 3 games are not all that important.

Taman I really believe is not as qualified as Tillman to be the GM.

and you may doubt me and shoot me now but I will be the one standing at the end saying I told you so, when our team is fighting for a playoff spot at week 19 in a season or two.

Not saying I doubt you but you are giving yourself some pretty broad leeway there, my friend :? Any team can drop in a "year or two".

well, until 2005.. I thought that the only team immune to that was the Eskimos..

great teams find ways to stay on top.

cflisthebest, I will be right beside you.

Taman has not made any "bad" moves yet. He has made "no" moves

Simpson was Miller
Mullen was Miller
new kicker...well, okay, Taman had no choice there but to do something
Sisco was Tillman

Tillman's apprentice is still in town as an assistance. Squeeze the trigger on Taman and give the guy a chance. Or move Miller upstairs...he has to sign off on Tanam decisions anyways.

The fact that Miller has to sign off on Tanam's decisions tells me that the BOG never had faith in Taman from the day they hired him. He essentially does all the leg work and looks at angles, then Miller gives him a thumbs up or shakes his head in disgust. Clearly not much thumbs up has happened all year. So does this mean that Miller will taker over as GM once he elects to no longer coach? Why else would the BOG give him this power? If so, then this off season they need to get together and decide if it is perhaps time to do it.

Don't disagree with your last sentence cflisthebest, but there is simply no current foundation for the level of certainty that you and others have that the Riders will drop, other than that you seem to be negative by nature. Which goes back to the point that someone stated above - it must be sad to go through life like that without seeing its majesty that is there every moment of the day.

I just fear that Taman when/IF he gets full control of this team will destroy it.

ok legal, let me ask you a simple question,

if YOU were the GM of the Riders ok?

and you see that our Special teams was being poorly run and week after week it continues to do poorly. would you wait till week 15 to speak up and say "Daly needs to go! he's not making any significant improvements to this team"

or would you sit back and not do a thing, meanwhile now we lose our starting place kicker.. have 2 field goals blocked in 2 straight games.. and still cannot get a return TD.

And yet I don't remember Tillman canning Kavis Reed when we were getting a punt blocked every week to start last year? hmmmmm....

ya but it stopped didn't it?

plus we were actually getting good punt and kick returns!

our issues that we had last year are No where NEAR as bad as they are this season. not even close.

Um, fairly big special teams gaffe in the grey cup…

Actually, our returns were brutal until we brought Armstead in in week 12 or 13…eerily similar to what we did this year by bringing in RGM, no? hmmmm…

dboe, I agree
I have always said that we have a small team, and therefore we will not get the special teams block on returns. I actually have no real issues with the returns now that we have a returner that can hold onto the ball and moves north south for the most part. The issues I have is that we lead the league in blocked FGs against, missed FGs returned (though I do realize that covering missed long FGs is one of the hardest things to do), we have by far the most too many men (normally wouldn't care too much, but come on...man who doesn't get a beer doesn't go on field already), and have we stopped a fake yet this year? Have we tried a fake yet this year?

I am very disappointed with our special teams this year. I would be very happy if now, or in the offseason, Coach Daley was relieved of his duties and we went a different direction.

That being said, it is disengeneous to suggest that "Eric Tillman would have done this" or "Eric Tillman would have done that" when history suggests otherwise. The fact is that our special teams were horrendous last year (one could argue whether they were more horrendous last year or this) and Kavis Reed kept his job right until the final play of the season.

I just wish people would stop basing their judgment of special teams based on return game...that part is fine with the personnel we have. It is the blocking schemes on the line that are horrific. Considering that there is poor decision making on all lines coordination, inept play calling on offense, and the inability to adapt or change during the game...I don't think that one man can be of blame. BUT someone has to take the heat. I do not think Miller is the perfect coach, I think he is one of the best OC in the game, and I believe a great GM. Daley has not improved anything, and I believe teams is worse. Tman has done nothing but collect a check...but that may be due to Miller holding the trump trigger.

Can't argue that Tillman made moves while he was here, Taman has done next to nothing. LegalBeagle, what has he done?