Taman Quits!!!!

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...More like pushed out the door....Mike Kelly will be handling player personel for the BigBlue right now (good move)...I believe Taman could see the writing on the wall with his demotion earlier and the lack of work done with our free agents by him......Both he and the Bombers are better off :thup: :rockin:

Still though it appears the BB are going on the cheap, especially these days when the CFL teams are hiring more staff. By first having Kelly be the OC as well, no QB coach as Khary was interested and eventually went to Hamilton.
And now no GM/Player personnel?
I predict last place as this team appears even worse then my Argos.

.......now argotom....that is a stretch.....new people favourable to the new regime in Wpg. will be incoming.....unlike the stale ol 'same ol ...same ol', in argoland... :lol:

Wishful thinking argotom, the Argos are in last place for sure this year, I think that this is the take most people have. Just being honest. :slight_smile:

No team is as screwed as the Argos. The 'Bombers have Mike Kelly at least. And good players. And better fans

Quick, someone PM Sportmen about the news! :lol:

For now yes. But we are waiting for a big HC announcement any day now for a Marc Trestman like clone?

You may be right Earl, the BB and Argos fighting it out for last.
Meanwhile I certainly like the chances of the ever improving Cats.

Praise the who cast off taman. iunno i liked the work taman has done. made some good trades and got some good players. but his place in winnipeg wore out without a grey cup win.

......................GOOD RIDDANCE..................NOW LET"S GET RID OF BAUER TO COMPLETE THE HOUSE CLEANING...........

There has been no major signings of any significance. Bauer and Taman have inflicted major damage to this franchise. You may be right that the Bombers will finish last. A new coach can only do so much with lousy players. What player would want to play on this team with the circus atmoshere that went on last season.

It's been a weird scene for more than last year. I'll never forget Dave Ritchie's last year, when Taman hung him out to dry. He had receivers playing db....for multiple games, due to injury, and Taman brought in zero players for him.

And these were import positions, so it's not like personnel was unavailable.

Same thing with kicking last year - Serna was an import, no? If so, how could they let this kid struggle for a whole year? Are we to believe that after the 70 or so kickers on NFL rosters, this kid was the best American kicker left?

LOL See Dad I told you so your team will be that much better with out him. Good for Mike Kelly!

I agree you could have the paddles on super high that amount of voltage is not going to get the Argos started LOL. Where as the Bombers got rid of their problem.

....also my son....we have our coach in place and Kelly is thoroughly scrutinizing player personnel as we post........All i see are mostly cuts in argoland...and they're still scrambling to find a guy who'll coach there...... :wink:

I’d be a tad concerned, papa. Mike Kelly as head coach, offensive coordinator, QB coach, and GM~Player personnel?

Ask Matt Dunigan how it works out wearing so many hats.

Does Asper have a son that plays QB too?

.....now you're getting closer Artie.........I believe what's happening with the club goes deeper than a lot of people think....These moves look like David Asper clearing the decks before he officially takes over...I wouldn't be a bit surprized if he had people in place for a few positions....a new owner likes to have his mark on the team... this only makes sense... :wink:But NO Arte ..David has no son who could play qb.....on the other hand he does have a lot of dough to build a new stadium :lol: :wink:

Very true that could be a disaster in the making.