Taman on Vacation

He must be because every story I see is about another RR signing on somewhere else.

It seems every team is making a splash in free agency but us.

Or is it just me?

This team was stacked. They by far had the largest roster post season, so they were bound to lose a lot of people...championship teams generally do.

The club went for broke last season, and it paid off, this is the consequence...there is simply not enough money to pay all of these guys. Some also left largely because they were not happy with their roles...ie Craig Butler, Kierrie Johnson, Abraham Kromah, Jermaine McElveen, Jock Sanders...that has NOTHING to do with the GM.

Smith, Haze, Woldu, Harris and Etienne were pretty good re-signings. He also signed David Lee.

The only thing he really fell through on was Ricky Schmitt going to BC, and that may have been a money thing. BC likely freed up money by telling Paul McCallum to take a pay cut and do single duties or retire, while the Riders had to up the anti with Milo.

I have a feeling Sanders was not signing and not happy...and even if they did it would have likely been a pretty pricey tag for a utility player. He is simply not an every down RB, and I am willing to bet he wanted near #1 RB money.

He was what 5 signed, 8 left or something...sounds about where this team should have ended up. Most of what they have left is likely set aside for a RB and maybe a reciever, depending on what happens with Simon...something that there is still no word on what is going down., but I am guessing he won't be back under his present contract, or this would be done ages ago.

FYI...Butler wanted 150 000 per year...no way can Taman pay that...respectable player, but no.

Need to remeber that they signed Rod Williams last season after NFL cuts. He would be considered a big time signing. Hurl will fill Butler spot and acquired Williams to make up Canadian content on defense and specials left by Newman. Woldu will move to Newmans cover two safety package east all star punter Bartell will fill Shmitt at punter. extra cash was a block buster re signing of Milo.
Already big splashes made last yeat with Chick and Foley. REY Williams.
any player lost to CFL teams are ready had or have acuired their replacements with equal talent.
The NFL signings of Sheets and Dressler are a different category all together.
They will need to find their replacements with NFL players coming North.
Sanders will need to be replaced now that he is lost. Noel Devine comes to mind.
Lost no Canadian receivers gained one so they are in the plus there.

Just don't think it is as bad as it looks exception of Sheets and Dressler but they cannot out bid the NFL