Taman next Rider GM?

Riders not looking to shake things up


REGINA -- Even though their general manager remains on administrative leave, the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders are preserving the status quo.

For now, anyway.

“We’re in pretty good shape,? Roughriders president and CEO Jim Hopson said during a media conference Monday at Mosaic Stadium. “But as we get closer to the season — as we get into May and as we get into June for sure — then we have to look at it and decide, ‘Is this going to work for us on an ongoing basis?’

“Right now, so much is being dictated to us. We’re waiting to see where this ends up. If it changes, we’ll make a decision that’s appropriate.?

Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman was placed on administrative leave Feb. 3 after he was charged with sexual assault in relation to an alleged incident in Regina on Aug. 6. Tillman’s case is to return to Regina Provincial Court Tuesday.

In Tillman’s absence, Saskatchewan head coach Ken Miller and Joe Womack, the team’s director of player personnel, have been handling the GM’s duties. Hopson said the organization is continuing to prepare for the season, whether through the signing of players, the hiring of assistant coaches or ongoing renovations to the team’s facilities.

“We know we aren’t going to decide how the courts are going to proceed and we have to wait,? Hopson said. “Once we have more information, we’ll make a decision. At this point, we’re still feeling comfortable with how we’re progressing, but that could change down the road depending on where the courts go and what happens.?

One name that has been mentioned as a possible addition to the staff is Brendan Taman, the former Winnipeg Blue Bombers general manager who began his CFL front-office career in Regina.

“At this point in time, we’re comfortable with the staff we have,? Hopson said. “You’re always looking for good people, though, and Brendan Taman is a good person.

“Eric and I had spoken about Brendan early in the year as someone who can bring value to an organization. And he will resurface in the CFL. I know he wanted to take a bit of a break, but you get better by hiring good people. If there was an interest on Brendan’s part, we’d be happy to talk to him

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He may be brought in on an interim basis-- depends on what happened today in court, and until we know the outcome(even if a new date is set), I would say things will remain the way they are- with Ken Miller acting as GM.

Sorry to say, but Mr. Taman is just too burnt out to consider jumping back into the ring right now.

Unless, that was all just a big pile of pooh he fabricated in the Wpg press.

Anyway, I agree he is a likely candidate for the job on an interim basis. But unless the charges are dropped on April 7, I think we need to move forward at that time. Right now, I believe Ken Miller is mostly a figurehead and ET is calling all the shots. I don't see how that can continue as TC approaches.

I suspect there was truth to it. But he has had a few months now and at this point, he’d likely not be given the same duties he had in Winnipeg either.

Wally has done HC / GM for a while. It's not inconcievable that the riders do it as well. No wait, Miller only has one year as HC and no experience at GM. Time for a new plan.

But I don't think Taman is needed, at least for now.

If the cause of the burnout is Kelly and Bauer talking in his back and maneuvering to make him WANT TO QUIT. Yes he would be on a path to healing the morning after and that unless you have a doctorate in Psychology/Psychiatry and have examined the man does not make him a liar.

It isn’t a big leap to see that they would have tried to make life miserable for Taman to get him to walk away and quit in anger if he had a decent contract. The way Kelly talked about the position (he left it nameless) after is departure, makes me think Taman has a well documented case in regards to an unhealthy workplace.

Then there is the support he’s received from his pears outside of Winnipeg (a rare thing in this league).

I think Taman will be involved in the CFL for a long time after Kelly and Bauer are “Reinboldesque memories”.

'''glad to hear Taman has some support from pears....i thought they were fruit.....but heh....anything is better than nothing....Taman said when he left the Peg he had NO problem working with Kelly....One has to assume that it was 'burn out'...although he didn't exactly over work himself pre free agency in the Peg as he had none of the Bomber fas re-signed.....so he basically did 'diddly'....If Brendan has 'recovered'...He'll probaly be a good fit in Sask....his home province....His 'napkin laden' with future contacts should be of some help in his new position...First on his list....'hello ...is that you Kevin'..... :lol:

It's said; A change is good as a rest..

Here's hoping.

I have absolutely no doubt he was forced out, without actually being pushed. He was basically told, he would be on the road 300 days a year scouting every bufu college in the USA. Just the thought of that would burn somebody out. Oh, and we have reduced your pay by half.

I don't wanna see Taman here.

he'd ruin the Roughriders.

Peers.... :oops: For Grapes Sake ! :smiley:

You fruits are all the same....

If we had women like yours here I think I'd be a fruit

That's not a woman, that's sambo. :wink:

You are right! He fires Coaches every two years. :roll: :roll:

Odds are looking pretty good to me.

Oh, oh, Ken Miller will be looking for a job soon. :roll: :roll:

Time to start a post, Next Rider Head Coach is.......... :roll: :roll:

This sucks.

.......Doug Berry....... :lol: :lol: