Taman named VP Football Ops and GM in Riderville


Per TSN website, http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=380005

I am a diehard fan. I own shares. I own signed game jerseys. When I want to watch a game, I drive over 1000km to Regina to see it.

I stayed faithful through the Ford years, the Barrett/Shivers debacle, and through all the bad times before. I held my head up this year, looking for hope, and praying that the Powers that be would see the light and we could get good football back in Regina again next year.

Then they do this!!!!

Its too much. Go Stamps!

You guys really won't need that big dome stadium.

On the upside, now he's got nobody else to blame if he fails. So he'll be out of there in a couple of years.

give him the chance. who knows what he can do when he's truly by himself. can't judge a book before you buy it!

When you consider he had 'no budget' during his time in Wpg, he did manage to get to the GC twice. Now that he has a bottomless pit of money, you guys should be golden.

in all honesty that’s what I’m hoping for!!!

...I'll need an email address to forward you the registration paperwork

As much as I don't like Taman there's also the fact that during his time as GM in both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan he had bosses who meddled. He's without a net now.

Not that I'm a big believer in him as a football man, but you can't really put this year at his feet. He came into a bad situation. Give him a shot, it's likely he'll screw up anyways. Those draft pick might soon become a premium in Regina.

How else do you decide if you want to buy a book? :smiley:

.....and with this confirmed hiring the riders have now placed an order for a ton of napkins....No more excuses now Brenden :lol: :thup:

Maybe Im missing something but to my recollection he joined the riders last year when they were one play away from winning the grey cup, then that year they went on to lose the grey cup by a field goal yet again. How exactly is that a bad situation?

A bad situation in the front offices, not on the field.

Wow people still hopeing he can turn it around. Since the day him and his bomber buddies came over we have headed straight down hill. His first game the best game I have ever seen Riders won in overtime againt Montreal that game was won on shear determination. After that the so so season took over finishing with the five or six game loosing skid to finish the season that was season one this has been season 2 and dont kid yourself THIS IS BRENDAN TAMENS TEAM. He has traded and released players to bring this team to what we are now. Brendan your job is to find tallent do you have a clue how to do that because all you have done is bleed the pool down to what we have now. Now you got our bleeding heart management to hand you one more year so pound that nail into the coffin deep this will be your last swing of the hammer.

I’m seriously considering a boycott.

Taman is TERRIBLE. We are now guaranteed an era of being the laughingstock of the league. My worst possible fears horribly come true.

I’m no fan of Taman but the guy did bring in some respectable talent for us this year, he tried his best to fill the Fantuz the void (Hill, Wheelwright, Nunn, Baker ect) Although it was Dressler and Getzlaf who put of the big numbers. He then in the draft assessed the need of a physical DB in Butler (we need more like him) he brought in Tristen Jackson as another good DB. He also assesed our need for a new kicker and drafted Milo who struggled in the pre-season but was money come Regular season. This guy isn’t stupid he knows what we need unfourtunatly he has made some bad choices in bringing in talent and made a few head scratchers in letting go Kornagay. Have a little faith guys.