Taman moves??

No he is not leaving the Riders?

Curious as to peoples comments regarding his moves before and after free agency. Taman took a lot of heat last year. Looks like Miller time is officially over and Taman is making his own moves. I was surprised by the lack of moves by BC, Winnipeg, Calgary and TO during FA. Overall your going to lose some players, but I think he did okay durig FA.

Next will be cap toss-offs before training camp. Ticats will have to be releasing some players, they have to over the cap.

i think he did good overall. I would have liked to have seen Rey signed, but he did a good job signing most prior to FA. I think that if he can sign Lucas yes it will say a lot more in favor of Taman. He has brought in some solid OL, a clear issue last year, so he is at least attempting to address a major issue. Lots of people seem a bit tiffed with losing Francis, personally I think Eubanks is a big upgrade.

Are talking about Rey Williams?

I don't think we needed him at all.. glad he went to Hamilton.

Why wouldnt one want him. He is a great player. I believe he would have made the NFL if he had not hurt his leg in the 4th preseason game last year.

all I remember about Rey is he never wanted to put himself into the hole and fill it, instead would sit back..

What I remember about Rey Williams was standing up Reynolds on 3rd and Goal on the 1 yard line and being a beast in the 2009 playoffs. I wish we could have resigned him but I get why we didn't, Barrin Simpson had a great year and has at least one more in him and with Jerrel Freeman coming back and Mike Mccollough and Kye Stewart there was no need to spend the extra money.

I think Taman has done well, two solid OL, and good DB and Terrius George will be a nice addition to the DL. If we get Lucas back it was a great off season for him and if we don't I will consider it a good off season.

I see Jarius Jackson is up for FA. I'd take him over Dimwiddie as a backup. If DD gets injured we are in trouble. Good thing the Oline is looking better, hope he gets the protection he didn't get last year. Taman seems to have done not to bad. It would be interesting if they posted during FA what each team was at for their cap space, over if over. Edmonton and Ticats will be releasing a number of players at some point in time. Could be some good pickups at a reasonable price.

I dont want JJ's attitude on our team. He is rather open about the fact that if he is not at the helm he has no interest in helping from the sideline. We dont need that.

ya Jackson can go to Toronto.. we need a guy who's willing to learn and get experience BEHIND Durant.

The last thing we need in the 2011 Season is to have a repeat of 2008 (Bishop, Crandell, Durant, Jyles)and if we signed Jackson it would be (Durant, Jackson, Dinwiddie) So lets shut that door ok? :smiley: