Taman learns from Roy Shivers the way to success!

It seems lately the Bomber fans are filled with great expectations and rightly so. Much like their arch rivals for years the Riders it is the part of the year when everyone gets excited for the up coming season. Each team has brought players in to improve their teams and fill much needed holes in their line ups. Thus the fans start foaming at the mouth. It was found the Brendan Taman had meetings with Roy Shivers in Las Vegas and they discussed in detail their success's and their respective owners. What Taman learned is that to have success and get the fans fired up was to spike the drinking water. Thats right with the right chemical fans would then see success in their respective teams. Dam Roy you should never let them know! Now they too can have a 5 yr plan in just 8 years.

the only thing i will say to this is that Shivers did not count on Burris bolting to the Stamps last year. So if Burris had stayed here in Sask, I wonder how far the Riders could have gone with him at QB. We may loathe Burris and vent, but he is a great QB and can take a team to a GC. We were 9-9 last year , but could have easily have been in 1st place with Burris. If we had a legit starter last year, we could have gone a long way.

thanks for that statement RW2k5, that was buetiful


Kanga did you go to Winnipeg and drink that water!

...lol, I know.......KK got so excited by the first half dozen sentences he forgot to read to to the end....

R&W I have learned from the best my friend thanks!

The Bombers are the team of destiny! The fans have replaced the Rider fans of last year! You would think they would have learned from that! This year Rider Nation is a live and well and not boasting. They just let the Bomber fans make themselves look stupid come middle of the season.

middle of the season?... most of them are looking stupid as of right now.....

I drink Labatt Blue, that's almost the same thing.

Kanga do you really read the posts or do you guess!

didn't reall have a good comeback in mind until now.

and isn't Blue made from the water of gorious Lake Winnipeg??? :lol:

no its made from the raw sewage of the greater Winnipeg area....

Sambo make fun of the team but not the city right!

no, i was making fun of the beer, which has got to be the worst ive ever tasted…

Maybe Sambo42 you were to drunk to notice or you just drank that spiked water I was mentioning. Do you feel your riders are going all the way this year. And if you do then it was the water!

NO, i picked them to finish last, but then that on the 1st page of the My CFLPredictions for 2006 topic, which you obviously havent read...

Wrong I have read your post but I was wondering that maybe you changed your mind!


There you go now do not get your panties in a knot.

Well you are the one that got upset about my perceived put down of the City of Winnipeg, so I would say that you are the one with your panties in a knot....