Taman is waiting!

B Taman can hardly wait for the KIck to win for a Million dollars. He has the contract ready and is not sleeping at night. :lol:

I don't get it? Explain?

Okay Dust here it is. Remember the guy that kicked for a million. Well Taman put him on his neg list! Now do you get it. Taman would sign anyone!

Oh yes, Diesberg or something like that :slight_smile:

Probably still better than Westwood!


By the way, im winning the million, got about 50 entries in there already!

Guess im going to have to su ck it up and play for the Bombers... :frowning:

Thats okay dust when leaving the bomber stadium just wear a paper bag over the head. It works!

Probably more fashionable than the Westwood ponytail too!

Ouch, im turning this into a bash Troy Westwood thread and I need to stop and go to bed.

thats hilarious, the guy showed up in jeans and huge workboots.. lol

if he was serious he would just sign the kicker from the U of M or something.


How's that defence coming btw, they almost stopped JJ, lol.

taman better allow vick to go to toronto, before he puts them on the neg list, vick can gain more marketing in toronto than redneck city winnipeg.

But we dont want to market scumbag criminals

the cfl did market trevis smith, dexter manley, etc.

...yes they did....other than dexter though, trevis was convicted after he became a CFLer...and based on past mistakes I guarentee the league will not touch a piece of dog.crap like Vick.....

Not to mention he CANT play up here while he is suspended from the NFL.

Better face it primetime, the guy might never play ball again.