Taman interview on The Score's CFL Snap

Well, guys, stick a fork in your team this season, because they’re done. Taman outright admitted that because of lack of cash, they couldn’t target big free agents in the off-season and had to settle for what he called “middle-tier” talent. Translation: subpar players cut by other teams. Duane Ford challenged Taman on this ludicrous strategy, asking him why he thought he could rebuild the Bombers with castoffs from teams that didn’t even make the playoffs last year. Taman’s answer? That they have to mix said ‘middle-tier’ players with existing talent. Translation: throw journeymen hacks together with aging veterans and somehow hope you have a competitive team. Utterly absurd.

I’m conflicted about the situation. Part of me wants the league to implement a salary cap and revenue sharing, so that the haves (Edmonton, Toronto, B.C., Montreal) don’t continue to dominate the have-nots (Winnipeg, Ottawa). But then you look at a team like Saskatchewan, which is also community-owned if I’m not mistaken but which is able to field great teams year after year. Or a team like Hamilton, which is 0-2 this year despite the backing of billionaire Bob Young. And so you can’t just chalk up Winnipeg’s woes to an unequal playing field; you have to place a good chunk of the blame on Brendan Taman’s shoulders. He didn’t resign Arland Bruce when he was cut from the NFL. He did not make recruiting talented receivers a priority, and the result is that all opposing defences have to do to stop Winnipeg is double-cover Stegall and pressure the QB. And he built a secondary around personnel from last year’s 4-14 Calgary Stampeders.

So my conclusion is that Taman must go. Even if the league gets a salary cap, I simply don’t think he’s a savvy enough GM to build a championship team in Winnipeg.

I think you’ve made an accurate analysis apart from the Bruce thing. If I’m not mistaken the Bombers wanted to welcome Bruce back with welcome arms, but the Argo brass offered him a minty contract so he opted to don the double blue.

D&P analysis is hardly arbitrary.

The BB’s are a market-based team, anti-Toronto, in favor of ALL teams abiding to a salary cap. This is the same reason, that Taman goes on record when being broadcast nationally. Essentially, I feel Taman made comments intentionally. I think everyone here would also agree that Winnipeg obeys salary cap restrictions… but do you see other teams doing what Taman went on record in saying? Taman was candid with the situation, in order to directly hold the CFL responsible for what’s happening.

These are my views that are in no way contradictory to what D&P interpreted. In my opinion.

But when other people think about it, can Taman really say anything ‘bad’ about Toronto not obeying salary cap rules and regulations? Of course NOT!! Taman has no choice but to say what he did exactly as he said it in order for the CFL to know exactly where the BB’s stand.

Interesting…Try this spin…If it’s a known fact…and it is…that no one obey’s the cap, Why is Taman preaching poverty? Back In the day" read Coach Cal" players came here because they knew that there was a very good chance that there would be some playoff cash at the end of the season.Why would a player come here now for less money if the chances of player dough is zero.

It seems Taman has decided before the season that middle of the pack is OK. ANd has attracted the type of player that is just looking for a pay check and will be happy to go to their “other” job in November. Now the sky is falling and it appears he is looking for a place to hide by blaming the big bad have teams. Last I looked Edmonton was still community owned.

Lyle’s management has brought back the BB from the financial abyss. But for for Taman to hide behind Lyle’s and the BB being frugleness,that just seems like a cop out to me…

He should just admit…“I F%%%ed UP” and deal with it.

As always IMO!!!

Good points. Taman did have guts to go on national TV and talk about his woes. But again, what about Saskatchewan? They lost Burris to free agency last year because they couldn’t afford him, but don’t seem to have lost a step. Don’t get me wrong, I support Taman 100% in his quest for a salary cap, but I also feel that he’s made some poor management decisions along the way.

And Taman should have broken the bank to get Bruce back. With the Bomber receiver situation what it is, how can you allow a marquee player like Arland Bruce to slip away from you?

Excuses are for losers—exactly what the Bombers are doing!
Still be a good team with Simon and Bruce at wideouts and Stegall up the middle. Screw the cap, if Bauer was really concerned about overspending he should have been on TV everynight complaining about B.C./Tor/Edm etc.

Lets get rid of him!!! if he is the cancer I see in the club’s manegement!!!
which I seem to meantion in all my posting but can’t quite put my fingle on untill now!

I call B.S.

Winnipeg made a bid for Ricky Ray after the Jets cut him. We don’t know how much they offered, but it was probably enough to sign one or two free agents at other positions they need filling.

Plus, it’s not like Winnipeg lost a lot of players to free agancy last year or anything. Over the last two years players just got old and retired. How about developing some young talent?

Plus, I’m sick of hearing the “community-owned” excuse. Edmonton is community owned. So is little old Saskatchewan, who is competitive AND in the off-season offered Burris at least $250 000 before he signed with the Stamps. Maybe the problem lies with management of the Bombers franchise? Is it very possible that the Eskimos would do poorly if they didn’t have the same administration for the last 25 years or so.

I want to add a p.s. to your b.s EskJebus… EDM. went way overboard on the contract to Ray…also carrying KHARI and Maas which had to be a little over the salary-cap…add on Sanchez’s little contract…and away we go…you’re not cryin poor in EDM. with your’ little community owned franchise’ are you…if you are… where the hell diid all the bucks come for Ray …etc…I’m NOT denying Taman offered big dollars for Ray…but that probably would have drained the tank …but even going as far as he did he was still out bid …and would probably have had to drop out of the running for Ray eventually because the dough ain’t there… like in Edm… In Sask they had most of their guys signed that counted…except Burris…and look how that turned out…wait till they have to go through a re-build like the Bombers…they won’t be able to compete for quality players…SO come off it eskj. you know this is a uneven bloody playing field…admit it. :!:

Taman - the same guy who traded away all of our draft picks and signs Jones to $1 mil over 3 years, is complaining about the lack of money.

I’m disappointed in his comments - what a cop out. It’s time the Bombers management takes responsibility for the position they find themselves in.

EskJebus is dead on the money.

well AirCanada you give Taman the kind of dough that floats around the Esks and I will guarantee you a winner…and that’s what’s dead on the money. :wink:

Jones screwed the Bombers. They had Bruce robbed from them by Toronto who were broke a few years back. Cfl teams bailed them out and now they are using that cash to pay Bruce and Avery. I agree the Bombers could start free spending and building a huge debt, but we still need a GM with contacts down south. Taman was using all of Richie’s contacts. Now he has none. We need to hire Eric Tillman. He is a smart GM and can attract players.

F.Y.I = Tillman brought Ranik, Joseph,and a winning team to Ott despite all the owner woe’s over there. Ott is a good team thanks to him. They are showing it this year.

My concern is Lyle, rummer is he is a hard man to like and work for. Maybe guys don’t want to come here because of him. What do others think?

Hey Eskjebus,
The Bombers did make an offer to Ray. I think every team in the league did.
As you can see, we couldn’t show him the money like edm. This was also after they signed Montford, Sanchez, Hervey and Wiltshire. All top paid players. Give me a break moron. I think that speaks for itself.