Taman in the Winnipeg Sun on Free Agent Camps

Notice the fans that were interviewed with Taman.

I can understand you willing to post an article, but a link to the article somewhere online would have been more satisfactory, ya know. :lol:

it would also be nice to post a real article, nice Fake though.
Nice Pot Shot at Taman.

Odd how Taman bring no FA's to camp yet someone very good talent randomly appears like Canada/Walls to name a couple.

Would a link to a brain help you!

No, but a link to some humour, nay "ham on wry", might be beneficial to yourself.

Now can the Stamps just release Scott Coe so the bombers can sign him to a cheap contract, or how about.. Lysack?

That'd be nice. Bombers could use Proven Canadians signed for Cheap and Calgary is the type to release them so the blue can Sign them.

lol, good one 05, even if it is a bit slanderous.

ha ha ha In honor of my two favorite Bomber fans. :lol:

Here's the real article.

Dashed NFL dreams may give Blue good QB talent
GM Taman trains eye on half-dozen prospects

Fri Apr 27 2007

By Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press

Will Proctor: Taman is impressed

THEY have dreams. Big National Football League dreams. And so, truthfully, the last thing these six quarterbacks need right now is a phone call from the Great White North.
But if these half-dozen NFL QB prospects don't hear their names called in the seven-round draft this weekend -- or get invites to try out as free agents immediately afterward -- they might have to field offers from Canada.

And in the process, Winnipeg Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman might then have a bona fide pivot candidate to round out his training-camp roster.

The Bombers currently have Kevin Glenn, Ryan Dinwiddie, Brad Banks and Justin Holland under contract but would like to add one more for camp.

"We're going to wait and see how the NFL draft unfolds before we do anything, but by this time next week we should have an idea of where we're headed," said Taman about his QB depth. "If a quarterback we're interested in gets cut or goes unsigned after the draft that may open up our options a little bit."

The six names the Bombers will be closely monitoring while the NFL Draft unfolds from New York are:

Tyler Palko (6-foot-1, 215 pounds, Pitt): southpaw who threw for 18 TDs last year. Ranked ninth among QBs by Pro Football Weekly.
John Stocco (6-1, 205, Wisconsin): three-year starter, NFL scouts consider him undersized. Ranked 18th by PFW.
Zac Taylor (6-2, 210, Nebraska): average arm, but tough as nails. Threw for 25 TDs last year. PFW has him ranked 17th among QBs.
Will Proctor (6-2, 210, Clemson): had mediocre numbers as a senior, but Taman liked what he saw when scouting him at the Hula Bowl. PFW has him ranked 26th.
Marvin Burroughs (6-0, 220, Villanova): rusher/passer-type considered one of the best athletes in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Ranked 31st by PFW.
Jerry Babb (6-3, 225, Louisiana-Lafayette): Recommended by former Bomber offensive co-ordinator Mike Gibson. Average numbers; not ranked by PFW.

Interestingly, the Bombers have removed University of Washington star Isaiah Stanback from their neg list because he is now ranked among the top pivots on most draft lists and could be converted to receiver.
Regardless of what unfolds in the next week, the Bombers have had contract talks with two other rookie pivots, former Eastern Michigan starter Matt Bohnet and former Winona State star Brian Wrobel. Bohnet was in a Washington Redskins mini-camp last year and was recently let go by the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europa.

"He's a good-sized lefty who moves around pretty good and is smart," Taman said. "He's savvy. I think he'd be a good fit for us. He's on the radar."

Wrobel, meanwhile, was first signed by the Green Bay Packers but has spent the last two years in NFL Europa.

The Bombers will also monitor the NFL draft for defensive backs, linebackers and defensive ends. As an example, after the draft last year the club was able to add promising cornerback Gabriel Fulbright when he couldn't latch on with an NFL team.

BLUE NOTES: Bomber special teams coach Cory McDiarmid spent last weekend in Dallas and has uncovered a couple of punting prospects that could push incumbent Troy Westwood. The team will likely announce after next week's Canadian Draft the addition of two import punters.


Zac Taylor: threw for 25 touchdowns last year

Get the grave stones ready for the QB grave yeard in Winnipeg. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
There is a new plot next to T Martin. :lol: :lol: :lol:

....LOL LOL. i see your still on the Taman band-wagon my son.....don't forget we might have a few more Darnell MacDonald castoffs for the stamps to sign...as for the Bombers.. we'd rather just sign your Canadian talent in exchange for imports....yup /// we like those deals... :lol:

I think you will find disappointment in trading for good old blind side Dennis. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Some day dad you will come out of the closet with tha Stamps jersey! I know you are afraid to show that to piggy! :lol: :lol:

Have fun with Garrick Jones, not gonna say he was bad. But sure am not going to say he is that good either. Bombers got Gauthier for a guy they were going to cut.

Calgary is soooo great at finding QB talent aren't they?
Back in the 90's they were a QB factory, but without Wally the Stamps haven't done much. Brought Burris back but he was an ex wally guy I do beleive.
Bombers are in the same boat haven't really found anyone.
But that is the same Story for Hamilton and Montreal too.

4 Teams who have found no one at all.
BC, EDM and Sask have been the ones finding the talent.
TO, Ottawa found.. 1 guy each?

Now of course Calgary is high on their current back-ups but Winnipeg is too, their not tested though so Stampeders have absolutely nothing to brag about.

How about Stamps trade Scott Coe to Winnipeg for Jermese Jones? hehe

Barnsee I do not know where you get the bragging aspect here. You are a bitdusillusioned are you not. Garrick Jones is exactly what the Stamps required to protect the back side of Burris. It was a Dlinman that picked Jones because he stated he was the best at protecting the back side. He should know he played against him and said he was the toughest to go against. Now on Dennis, he failed that job so I think the Stamps new what they were doing.
Now on the QB issue, yes Wally has had success with the QB's but being an old Linebacker where do you think he got this knowledge? Has it ever occured to you someone helped in creating the QB's during the 90's for the Stampeders. There was a coach that was there for 8 years that showed Wally how to create a successful QB and it works. Yes, today Wally can do this thanks to that man that showed him. The Riders were foolish in letting this guy slide through their grasp. But George Cortez was the guy. And I can assure you he will help Akli Smith. He had a good program going at the University of California. Should be interesting. George helped with Hank Burris as well now back together should make it interesting. Maybe Taman can get out in the field there and show Glenn some tricks, like roll over and shake a paw! Oh yes that is for his dog sorry. :lol:

05, you have finally gone off the deep end. Why on earth would our GM be out on the field coaching our qbs, when we have Berry who coached Calvillo and Cartwright who coached Brady and Griese. These two are probably the best qb coaching one two punch in the league. Maybe if your GM spent more time finding players for that seive of a defence, your team might make it past the first round of the playoffs this year.

Yor right Piggy it is up to the coach to do this of course. But I thought Taman had an eye for a talent well he proves me wrong.
As far as te Stamps are concerned do not worry about our defense. :lol:
I believe this article is a great depiction of the Bomber organization. Why would they interview and my dad is another story.

Are you saying Barker has an eye for talent and Taman doesn’t ? Because if you are history will prove you wrong. And what does your dad have to do with anything ?

Yes Barker is better what your point? Barker recruits and Taman picks up cuts from other teams is that good enough for you. :lol: :lol:

How exactly again is he better ? By signing more free agents than anyone else ? Is that your idea of recruiting players ?

Why would Taman?
GM's find the talent, Coaches groom them. Cartwright and Berry will deal with Teaching the CFL game... Odd how cartwright will teach it but never mind that. lol.
Which Stamps D-lineman was this?
So many issues.
1.This D-lineman did not play against goodspeed last year as Goodspeed got injured in July.
2.This D-lineman who played for Calgary last year, not best guy to be taking advice from.
Pressure + Stampeders didn't go hand in hand.

Was this Maxi or Abdullah?

If Canada or Walls say someone is a great Tackle I'd be more inclined to listen to them.

Gauthier isn't a great Right tackle?
Do the Bombers Care?
Gauthier is going to be the Left Tackle.
Goodspeed, the best Tackle in the League is going to be the Blindside protection for Glenn.

Surely there was someone who helped Wally, no Coach can work on his own and cover every position. But he has gone on and continued to do it, Cortez can try and make Smith Great. But then why are you going after Taman?
Taman has nothing to do with Coaching, if your going to say the Coaches make it great then why aren't you going after the Bomber old QB coaches?
which are gone, Berry has his guy Cartwright as the Bombers QB coach/Offencive Co-ordinator

So Their goal this year is to:
Keep KG improving
Try to get Banks to realize some of that potential.
Get their young 3rd stringer CFL ready(Holland, Dinwiddie or one of the 2 guys Taman is going to sign)

QB situation isn't bad right now, but it never is in April/May.

For Buono, Ever Occur to you perhaps that Linebackers have some Knowledge on QBs?

If I was going to Teach DB's how to Cover WR/SB one of my top guys to go to would be Milt Stegall, he is the best SB and probably could help teach those DB's how to blanket a Reciever.

Buono using his LB experience can help teach QB's how to avoid LBs in the CFL and help with Reading defences.
and hey Buono has gone on to keep up his QB production line, will the Stamps do anything this year who knows.

Will the blue? of course because their Season looks alot easier.