Taman hired as GM in Saskatchewan?


Probably means Marshall is staying in Hamilton.

Good luck to the Riders' Canadian Draft prospects with Taman in charge. Hopefully the winning Rider culture will curb Taman's habit of trading draft picks for axe handles and blocks of cheese.
I frankly don't see the connection between Coach Marshall's future and the Riders' GM position. Head coaching jobs are open in Toronto and the Peg and Marshall should get one of them. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Mr Marshall wants to see a Grey Cup in 2010, he should stay with the Ti-Cats! :rockin:

I don't think any of us want that to happen. :lol:

It was rumored that Taman wanted Marshall as HC in Winnipeg, but the other candidates for Bomber GM (Barker, Mack) have different potential HC's in mind.

With Taman, now reported out of the Winnipeg picture, the chance of Marshall being the HC there are certainly diminished, but if Mack is the choice, there’s still a good chance Marshall will be the pick and there’s also been talk in Winnipeg of Khari Jones as OC. Apparently, if the Board of Directors was choosing the HC on its own, it would definitely be Marshall and the feeling is they’ll be able to influence the in-house candidate Mack to make that choice while Barker, the outsider, would insist on having his own man.