Taman has total control now

Just been named G.M. and V.P. of football operations. Can't say this is the best news I have heard.

Did they extend his contract as well?

I'm not sure. Just heard a quick blurb on the radio and just caught the tail end of it.

He only has a year left - it might be hard to attract a good HC having a GM only under contract for the up coming year.

Which is why I'm pretty sure that we will be saying hello to Richie Hall as H.C. awful soon.


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kinda thought this would happen

To what are you referring, depop?

That Taman would get total control?

Or that fans in here would be displeased?

Or both?

If that happens I think we will see a lot of seasons tickets available for sale next year.

I am positive that his contract has been extended/increased $$$. You don't name a person in charge of football operations and sign him for a year/keep the actual contract. It must definitely be a 3 to 4 year contract; hence,the new Head Coach will want a 3 year contract,unless it is Hall,which I doubt; your GM can't be signed for less than 3 years.


The board/Hopson has stated adamantly that Tanam's contract was not extended. In other words, they are saying...okay, you have full control, something that may have hampered you previously...prove yourself then we will talk...smart in the sense that they would not have to buy him out if he fails...but it gives potential HC a little bit of a feeling of insecurity moving in.

you guys, need to give him a chance. this is his first year as the big guy, without someone truly looking over his shoulder.

if he messes up in 2012 big time, they'll can him.

[url=http://ckom.com/story/roughriders-gm-taman-given-full-control/31062]http://ckom.com/story/roughriders-gm-ta ... trol/31062[/url]

Here's one article depopINC about your truth on the said contract; The Riders have not talked about an extension...

For now he is probably the best choice because he knows the team and there is an urgency to find a new HC and get busy with free agent signings. He's on a audition and the leash is SHORT, for now.

But I think that only quantifies what Depop was saying. That there is no extension, which is pretty much all that Hopson could ask for as a fair way out of this current situation. ie. We hired you, then handcuffed you, so now let's see what you bring to the table with no strings attached, and do it quick.


It's my belief Rider General Manager Brendan Taman will be retained with a year left on his contract and it will be up to him to decide who replaces Miller. It's very early on in the process and the list of candidates will grow substantially.
lol redandwhite but the quote was from Rod Pederson "Riders missed the party" article and this is what he thinks but I think it was made before Taman was given full control, im not going to lie the guy did bring in Tristen Jackson and tried to ease the loss of Fantuz by bringing in Hill, Wheelwright and Nunn, and we did have montster of a draft class this year, my concern is his lack of focus on the upgrades of D-Linemen....

Oh gawd please help us

George, Romero, Williams, Boulay....it is not like Tanam did nothing there in all actuality

Well let’s hope that he goes shopping with grocery list to cover off all three 3 food groups (O, D, ST).

My concern is that he won’t look at replacing some of the vetrans. He did bring in some winners and some losers. It’s just something about this guy when you listen to him talking, not much confidence comes across.

If this ends up being another wasted season, then not only is Taman gone, but Hopson maybe replaced as he supported Taman. :cowboy:

Now he has to get on to the issue of the HC right ow and not wait for after the GC. Let’s start interviewing and PLEASE talk with Austin about potential coaches and players down south. PRETTY PLEASE!!!