Taman goes to work?

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"the team's rabid fan base" - leaderpost quote, not a Taman quote, I think.

Taman said:

Calgary is 2-4-0 in its last six games. The Riders are 3-3-0 over the same span. But no one is talking about that.They are all talking about how we've lost three in a row

It's not like we're in fourth place trying to get into third. We've got a home playoff game. I'm not happy about the way we're playing, but we have the pieces here to fix this.

Everyone is mad that we've lost three in a row. Still, we can't have knee-jerk reactions to what has taken place. We'll tweak things, but we have to believe in what we do around here

You know what - Taman is right. Daley should have been sacked before we got rid of Dorsey but it is too late now. It's too late now to make any drastic changes. In reality we are in an enviable position - 2 game to go in the season and we have our post season spot. These next two games should be used to prepare for those semi-final, final and Grey Cup games.

"What we have to look at is we're playing teams that have to win these games,'' Taman said. "We don't have to win, but we want to win them. There is a difference. We still need the mindset that we have to win them too.''

Quote from Rob Vanstone's article:

A torrent of comments criticizing Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman has arrived at this cluttered desk in recent days.

Many of the people who excoriate Taman assert that the Roughriders should have retained GM Eric Tillman, now of the Edmonton Eskimos. Tillman is, as his supporters point out, an astute judge of talent. His football acumen is beyond dispute.

So, guess who pushed for Taman to be hired by the Roughriders last season? Eric Tillman. Guess who thought that the Riders' decision to promote Taman to GM was a wise move? Eric Tillman. And it was a wise move, as will be proven in time.

Not really an exhaustive search to find Taman. I assumed that Tillman and Hopson thought that Tillman would be back but they needed someone in the interim.

If you pan over to the article beside the one quoted here by Vanstone, it talks about Tamans concern with the teams slide and finally (too late?) he's bringing in some help. So I think the recent pressure from the fans is being addressed. Go Riders.

Taman was only a replacement for Tony Plater, and I wish Tony was still here, although I'm sure Tony is happy with his present position. I have never heard ET say he proposed Taman for GM. Too bad Vanstone can't provide a source to support his speculation. And Hopson was smart enough to change the hierchy so that Miller became Tamans boss, thus protecting his own power.

Let's just say the Riders win the Grey Cup (I always believe it will happen this time year :cowboy:).

Taman is obviously the right guy for the job, if that happens. I think, as a fan base, we are jumping to conclusion.

I say, we ride it out. If it all goes well, then we have nothing to complain about. If it doesn't, then we worry about what to change. But for now, there's not a whole lot we can do. I say trust the leadership.

It's not like, you all wouldn't just love to be proved wrong about Taman. I say, let's trust that we're all wrong just for a few more weeks.

I kinda of agree with most of what you say. The main reason is because we've recently seen some action out of Taman. When Tillman was here you heard his views and reasons for most of his moves with the roster. It gave me some assurance that he was vested in the day to day happenings. Taman is the opposite which is fine if your winning, no so if you are not. I'd love for Taman to prove us wrong. Go Green