Taman Extended

The Riders have given Taman a 1 year extension on his contract. Given what he has done in the off-season I think it is a good move. I know there are others who won't be quite so happy.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/taman-extension-a-sign-of-faith-from-riders]http://www.cfl.ca/article/taman-extensi ... rom-riders[/url]

It’s 1 year…not 3 or 5…seems fair at this point

it is the dumbest decision yet.

Hopson caved and should have waited till at least mid season before giving him anything.

So what happens if the Riders suck again and things get no better, all that was a waste!

bad move... majority of fans believe it's a bad move.

He has brought in enough talent that he has proven that:
A - he clearly sees the need for change
B - he sees the need for youth
C - it supports that last year he likely did not have much say in decisions...also backed up by the fact he could not select the new HC.

He has put a lot of effort into rebuilding.
They will likely be slow starters this year, so don't judge early...win or lose.
This is a 1 year deal. One year...woopie...he has made a pile of changes. Has he done some that seem silly...yeah...all GMs did this off season. A one year deal is a dangling carrot. It says that the hard work is reccognized, but that a long term deal requires wins. It tells that there is some breathing room...that a GC is not a requirement year one, but that if the club does not show promise you wont make it through 2013. it tells players that the brass has some faith in the moves...faith in them.

I like this move. It shows promise of commitment without getting in deep. Buying out a one year deal, worst case scenerio, is a small price to pay to give the players some level of comfort that management is stable going into the end of the year and offseason. Nobody wants to see new brass coming in and have an even stronger sense of insecurity in what is already a here today gone tomorow buisiness.

People may not like taman...i am by no means his biggest fan...but he has made some good moves. What did he do soooooooo horidly this off season to rank this as Hopson's dumbest move? Hopson was smart...gave him a minimal extension to cut tensions and give a feeling of stability.

I don't mind the move now that I've seen what he can do on his own, but they could have waited a bit longer.

Fantastic News! ... for the other 7 teams.

Fuck me deeper,please. :x

you've already proclaimed us 4th place huh..

get lost!

While the timing is a little weird, I do think it was the right move. This way he is attached to Chamblin in terms of contract length. Chamblin now has a bit more breathing room knowing the guy who championed him will be there next year too.

Despite a lot of preconceived notions about Taman I think generally the Rider fan base has liked what he has done this offseason (based on riderfans.com, talking to people and of course this site). This isn't a 5 year extension or anything like that it is a one year extension that will keep things continuous till 2013.
Taman has done the bulk of his job already and from all accounts (coaches, scouts, the players themselves, media, fans) he has done a pretty good job. That job being of course hiring a Coaching staff, Cory Chamblin and all the guys they brought in are a vast improvement to the has beens we had last year, cutting the fat, Lucas, Cates, Parenteau, Clermont, Guathier, etc., and bringing in good talent to fill the holes, Picard, Labatte, Harper, Kromah, Rankin, Moss, Heenan, Hurl, Willis, Viekune, Ellis, Rowe, etc. That is his job, from here on out it is mostly Chamblin and his staff's job to work with these guys to win football games. Yes you can say that we won't know how that talent will perform untill they play games, but everyone I have heard from and everything I have read is saying that the TC this year compared with last year is night and day.

I honestly like the majority of the stuff he has done, the only thing that I have questioned is the trade for Willis, think we may have given up too much, and I originally questioned the Trade to move up to pick Hurl, but based on reports I am warming up to that one.

I expected you to say something like that. :roll:

Hopson likely wants to keep him around so he has someone to blame for a crap season, if there is one. Basically job security for him(Hopson). Someone has to be the fall guy and if you let him go after this season that doesn't leave many options for the chopping block.

People have been screaming for Taman to either take charge of the team (which he has now) or to be fired (I'm was one of them foe the last two years). I've been surprised by how much he has changed but I give him credit for taking control of the team. Now it's time to wait and see what happens. It's all in his court now.

I totally agree Starbuck. And I also believe it will not be fair to scream for his head the first third of the season. Judge this team on how they play the second third, because if this is viewed as a team rebuilding, which it is, then they will struggle out of the gates, be fighting to get into the playoffs, then be filling holes next season.

Ridiculous statements. Hopson extended him because he thinks he can do the job. Not because he needs job security, 3.8 million dollars in profit gives him that in spades.

how can he say that he can do the job when we haven’t even played a Down of Regular season??

you can bring in all the talent you want… but it means squat if they can’t create wins out of it…

What happens if we have another crappy season? (and so far it’s headed there) then what do they say?

Do I need to explain the duties of the GM to you?
The GM's job is mainly done in the off season, bringing in talent, signing contracts, getting a coaching staff, that sort of thing. Yes he does stuff in the season, roster management and stuff but the bulk of his work is done. Now it is up to Corey Chamblin and his coaches to get the wins out of the players, not Taman. So thats how I can say Hopson thinks Taman can do the job. Based on what he has done so far. Hopson is a lot closer to the action then we are. He has seen Shivers, Tillman, Miller/Taman, and Taman all in action and obviously he thinks that Taman deserved a one year extension.

And this "so far its headed there" crap is just that, crap. You are basing all of this off one preseason game where a lot of starters didn't even get on the plane. I'm not claiming that we will be world beaters, but we will be improved from last year, of that I have little doubt.

so why did we look the worst out of all 4 western teams?

we couldn't have beat anyone that day.

I'm hopeful but things just didn't look very good.

because the Riders were playing the defending champs
because the defending champs are not rebuilding
because the Lions had fewer players to legitimately evaluate
because the Lions played a lot of their starters
because the Lions played a lot of their second string
because the Riders played a few starters mixed with a pile of 2nd stringers
because the Riders then played a bunch of second stringers then a pile of people under evaluation
because no team has had as many changes as the Riders club did this off-season

Look at the Lions last season...and the season before...they were rebuilding both seasons and looked like crap the first 1/3rd of both seasons. 2 years ago they played amazing down the stretch and to took the playoff game to the limit (what an amazing game). Last year they looked like crap, then, well, we al know what happened. I am not saying that the Riders will have the same glorious turnaround, but they are very much in the same situation...they are not going to look good out of the gate.