Taman Does It Again

The Riders' general manager hasn't changed at all. His habit of trading Canadian draft picks away followed him from the Peg to Regina. This year Sask. has 3 picks: #1 , #15 , #39. Meanwhile, the Stamps have 9 picks, Esks have 4 picks, BC has 5, and the rest of the teams have 6 each.
The Cats have #3, #10, #17, #22, #25, and #33. In the Canadian Football League, the team with the best native talent usually wins the Grey Cup. I'm sure Obie will turn our draft picks into a couple of solid starters and two or three good special teamers / depth players. In Regina, I wouldn't be surprised to see Taman trade his #1. He just doesn't seem to get it! :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy looking forward to the draft)

The Riders had a deficit at DE. Taman didn't see the draft helping that situation. Thus, good-bye draft picks. He picked up NI DB Woldu in free agency, he is working the ratio to the Riders best interests.

Fantastic stuff with how the Canadian draft picks are utilized, something guys like Seymoour can't appreciate or have a clue how to appreciate. Thanks Pat for your post. :thup:

Here's the thing with draft picks: once you get passed the first five or six picks, it's really a crap shoot. Don't believe me, just go to Wikipedia and look at the draft history. After the first round, there are an awful lot of guys that never see the field or play less than two seasons. The one exception was the 2006 draft. That was a great draft. But other than that, it's been a lot of nothing.

I'm not saying the draft is pointless; far from it, actually. I like the draft and know that it is needed to find good Canadian talent, but its value is overrated. I would trade two picks for a guy like Odell Willis. That was a smart move by the Riders, just like it was a smart move by the Lions to trade draft picks for Arland Bruce. Bruce helped BC win the Grey Cup; recent history shows that we won't be saying the same thing about the picks Hamilton got in exchange for him.

I actually agree with a lot of this. The CFL fans almost always place draft picks at almost no value. I commonly see comments along the lines of 'We traded away someone expendable and only got a draft pick?', where fans in other leagues seems to place a higher value on draft picks when compared to players.

As someone else has noted, past the first half dozen picks or so, you may as well use these guys as bait to get a good player from another team. They're like pawns in a chess game Earl - you use them to accomplish something more important because you know the odds are against these lower picks ever becoming impact players.
With your love affair with Canadian draft picks Earl, sounds like you would hang on to the bait and let the big fish go to the smarter teams. :lol:

Willis is really a rental. He told the Bombers that he wanted his release in order to try the NFL. The Peg made a good trade while the Riders may "rue the day" as Monty Burns would say. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Apologies seymour, sounds like you do appreciate the Canadian draft afterall. :wink:

Taman has never given much importance to the draft. Also rumblings that the Riders were over the cap again last year. That is shocking if true and trading draft picks won’t help that situation.

As long as the non-import quota is in place, the draft is probably required. However, as you know, that doesn't mean I'm in favour of the quota.

Fair enough.

And AGAIN ! Taman traded a 2013 draft pick for an American offensive tackle. The Esks signed Xavier Fulton, 6’4" 300 Illinois 26 years old. He played in the UFL and signed with Edmonton on March 12 of this year. Obviously the Esks didn’t want this guy but they managed to get another Canadian draft pick from the Riders. Eric Tilman, the Eskimo GM, has got to be laughing right now. I don’t know how Taman keeps his job? He must have pictures of somebody!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)