Taman And Chamblin hit With the Axe

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 9m9 minutes ago
BREAKING: Have learned both head coach Corey Chamblin and GM Brendan Taman have been fired in Sask. Decision just came down tonight. #CFL

No surprise really!

Saskatchewan is now paying the balance due on their GC win

8) If any one deserves to be fired it is Corey Chamblin for sure , just for his ridiculous call in the last game on the one
  yard line, and not handing the ball off to Messam, and attempting to pass the ball !!

   Chamblin is a fool, and loser for sure !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   Mind you, it looks so good on Regina.....I love it !!!     <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I heard scuttlebutt that Chamblin's job was on the line in Ottawa on Sunday. So I don't find this very surprising either.

An excerpt from this article on these firings from TSN.ca: http://www.tsn.ca/roughriders-fire-head ... n-1.353853

Jeremy O’Day will take over as interim VP, football operations & general manager, and Bob Dyce will take over as interim head coach. A full search to fill both jobs on a permanent basis will be conducted at the end of the season.
Who will take their places? Here are interesting tweets on that from Chris Cuthbert and Drew Edwards, respectively:
Chris Cuthbert ?@CCtsn 12m12 minutes ago

It will be fascinating to see if the #Riders consider a guy named Tillman as the next GM in Sask.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 7m7 minutes ago

I know it's early, but you'd have to think that #Ticats DC Orlondo Steinauer will be among the names… #Riders #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News 6h6 hours ago
.@garylawless - "I think he's (Eric Tillman) probably the next GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders." #CFL #Riders via @CFLonTSN

CFL News ?@CFL_News 6h6 hours ago
.@garylawless - "#1 candidate w/ that board is Eric Tillman. They're going to try & get him back in Saskatchewan" #CFL #Riders via @CFLonTSN

Hey, remember the last superhype (yeah I know, who cares) when the seahawks, 2nd and goal from the 2, under a minute to play, and instead of handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch, Russel Wilson throws an INT to seal the victory for the Patriots? Arguably the most bush league call in FOOTBALL history....... :lol: ....... Chamblin was just trying to model his success after the Seahawks maybe? (I apologize, I'll quit with the nfl tripe).

I understand Chamblin and Taman had to go, the part that blows me out of Lake Ontario is how the Riders are only 21 months removed from a dominant and thorough spanking of the Cats in the 101st GC game :expressionless:

I don't like to see the yukking going on here about Chamblin and Taman getting axed.
The ramifications could be troubling for us if they want Tillman and Orlondo.
You can pretty well guarantee Saskatchewan will soon become a powerhouse with Tillman as GM. It would be a good move for both of them but would leave a huge gap for us in recruiting new players and on defence.
Last weeks loss to Montreal shows we are still shaky despite some strengths.
We'll just have to see what happens...but they would be nuts not to get Tillman back as GM. And we know that Orlondo will go eventually. I would just like to see him here for the 2016 season before he leaves.

IMHO there could be as many as 3 Head coaching vacancies in the League next year
I would think that Orlondo could be very much in demand. :expressionless:
Reinebold for DC?, he is the linebackers coach along with ST coach

You think Popp will carry on in Montreal?

Good point! Make that 4 potential openings. :cry:

I don't think Cat fans have ANYTHING to be worried about.

I really think that BC and Winnipeg will stay the course with Tedford and O'Shea at least for another year BBs especially- they are still in rebuilding mode.

I do remember hearing (reading) when Steinauer's name was mentioned to fill BC's vacant position last December that he had quietly signed an extension during the season in which he agreed not to talk to other teams re coaching positions. Just not sure how long that extension lasts but I'm hoping until the end of 2016.

Jim is under contract until the end of 2017 and has just been given his dream job. There is no way he did this dance again with Wetenhall if he's not going to coach his team next season.

I saw in a recent interview that the doctrine is to have a separate GM and HC. Is there something we may not be aware of?

I think Orlondo is safe here at least through 2016. Reinebold certainly has regained his respect in the CFL after his "adventures" in WPG. It wouldn't surprise me if he went for either an OC or DC position, or even a dark-horse HC job for one of those teams. But my money is on both Paul LaPolice and Mike Benevides for any Head Coach positions for 2016.

When you lose two Starting QB and You’ve been fired

I don’t get it

When you lose the first 9 games of the season...
When you lose the confidence of the players...
When you bench the only player that was actually playing with heart for a guy that was worse...
When you buy a team to win a Grey Cup, and then fail to recruit players through the Draft, instead using Free Agency...
When you blindly support, and refuse to fire, a Head Coach when Management demands a change...

Don't forget, Montreal lost 2 starting QBs too, and they at least had won some games before firing Higgins.

Grover: Re Reinbold as DC. Good thought.
I see at practice that the players sure like him...and they play that way.
I think Orlondo needs a couple of more years before he should step into an HC's job. But in the CFL you can get your chance quickly sometimes. And if you are not successful quickly ...you can be axed very quickly too.

While Reinebold has been good as ST coordinator in Hamilton, he was pretty poor as a Defensive Coordinator in Montreal.

En regardant ce que Thorpe a fait la saison suivante avec sensiblement les mêmes joueurs, on voit que la défensive n'est pas la tasse de thé de Reinebold.

Have to agree with LeStaf - Defence did not seem to be Reinebold's "cup of tea" (tasse de the), but I sure like him as our STC!

Don’t forget…Casey Creehan was a total bust when he was here. But he is doing a decent job with the Blue team.
Depends on the HC a lot.