Wow, 38 - 35 OSU with a field goal on the last play of the game.

Amazing how the NCAA can look more like a CFL than a NFL game. What did the Texas QB have again, something like 62 pass attempts !!!!

I missed the game, but it certainly looked like a good one. But the thing that annoys me about college ball is the lopsided scores. I saw a score the other day that was 70-3. There are far too many lopsided scores.

And too many teams with an athletic player at QB often, usually not NFL or CFL material, dominating the game too especially when the other team is a cupcake or just plain sucks or overhyped.

The first three games of the college football season for sake of the schedules of most of the bigger programs are just glorified high homer revenue generating scrimmages.

I'd rather spend my Saturdays watching CFL ball unless my alma mater (Notre Dame) is playing and still in the game as has not been the case for the most part for another season.