Talman in... Brock out!

Well Tabby fans... it looks like we may get a big boost in the receiving corps against the blue and gold this weekend.

Brock Ralph is OUT while recovering from his shoulder injury and Talman Gardner has recovered from his foot injury and is IN.

Expect Talman to make some fast inside catches as well as go through the middle to get after a few balls. Something we haven't seen from Brock in a while.

I think Gardner will add another serious target for Williams/Printers to consider. He should get some yards after the catch... not hook slide or fall down as the man he is replacing is known to do from time to time.

Look for a couple of field stretchers to Talman. :thup:

Fingers crossed.

I never expect too much from a player who comes back to the field after an injury, but Talman Gardner may surprize.

Have a little faith, Tyler Ebell was out a while for the Esks, but he's come back and been one of our few bright spots since.

Talmen told me Yesterday He was Playing .

I just had to keep quite till in Was Announced.

I didn't see much from Gardner tonight. I'd like to see how our offence would perform with all our weapons healthy.

Ralph, Gardner, Armstead and Bauman sounds like a pretty solid receiving core to me.

Did he even play?

Not one star.
Every receiving team needs a star!!!

Ralph way to over rated + too many dropped balls!