Talman Gardner

Whatever happened to this guy?

Talman Gardner is currently on the roster of the Kansas City Brigade in the Arena Football League.

The Biggest Mistake Last Season .
We Kept Peterson and Cut Garder...

Garder out play Every WR in Camp Last Season IMO

In hindsight, Onknight, we could have kept Talman Gardner
instead of the seldom played fellow import Kwame Cavill

but we did get a 3rd round draft pick from Winnipeg for Kwame
when Ron became coach and did him a favour and traded him.

Cavil and Gardner, 2 more victims of Greg Marshall.

change your name to "basher" will ya.

def shoulda kept him around, he wasnt very fast but he wis big and had hands and the size to blow over defenders, our version of bc's jason clermont

That's just a BIT of a stretch. IIRC there weren't too many people up in arms when he was released. I seem to recall people pointing to the fact that he did nothing to impress in camp. It always amazes me how "great" the guys we release become after a horrible season. Hindsight is 20/20 boys.

That's why it is easier to be a historian rather than a prophet it just doesn't pay as well

The other interesting thing is that we continue to release a steady stream of league all-stars, year after year, and yet none of them is picked up by the other teams, even for backup roles.

Which makes Ticats.ca members smarter than not just the Ticat organization, but the entire football universe.

I didn't see Gardner in the Ticats training camp or the exibition game in Hamilton, but had somebody had asked me which Ticats WR looked the best from the game in Toronto I would have said Gardner. I've always been a believer in game performance when the bullets are flying so to speak. Maybe there was other factors involved beside what he did on the field, don't know. I would have been interested to see what he could do in a few league games before letting him go, but then again nobody else picked him up so what do I know. I even thought the 4th string QB they let go showed more game sense then the two they kept as backups...but when a team goes 4-14 the coaches must know what they're doing, right?

What ever happened to Tim Rosenbaugh? Cody Ledbetter? Willie Quinnie? or any other player who was with the Cats for a short period of time? The CFL has lots of turnover of marginal players. The league is built on the long serving Canadian with the flashy American who thinks with 2 good years they can get back into the NFL and then realize that they will never get back because there are a million college players out there who can do the same job cheaper.

Quinnie got the boot cuz he sucked

Peterson would have been kept over Gardner because he is a non-Import.
Ratio decision rather than talent I would guess.

I have allways been Gardner Supporter..
Tall and Good hand know his Routes and Runs them Well.

Yep, you were the one person I remember being upset about him being gone.

Why is there a discussion about Talman Gardner? Out of nowhere?

I did some clever detective work and I discovered
somebody started this thread asking his whereabouts.

And not only that but somebody actually knew where he is.

These are slow news days, whoknows. What more can I say?

I was also disappointed to see Gardner let go, since I now have two rookie cards spoiling away ... (along with a dozen or so for Stubblefield, Savoy and Hill ...).

i started this page because i was playing madden 2005 and hes in the free agents roster; that got the ball rolling on this one