Talman Gardener

Hes still a free agent out there and would clearly be a step up ovr Quinne or even Peterson. I say we cut Quinnie and bring back the Gardener

Agreed I'm less impressed with Peterson every game. I can't understand why he plays over Flemming and Morreale.

There’s a reason Talmon is still a free agent…

and what may be that reason Crash? Enlighten us because i dont see the reason?

Peterson aka stone hands has not made a great impression since his arrival from Winnipeg...Morreale is not afraid to go over the middle... time for a change...

I hated Seeing him Cut ..

I love to see him back..

Forget about cutting and signing, just use the weapons we already have. Like Morreale, who makes a living at catching passes over the middle. Makes for an easy 1st down catch.

If he was that good someone would have picked him up. Nobody did, how good can he really be?

Hes not that good, he showed that in camp.

Get Cavil in there and get on with this.

I hope inserting him into the starting line up is Ron's first move, enough with playing unproven guys like Ralph and Peterson.

agree cavil should play, maby lancaster will play him.