Tallahassee, Florida weighs in on the CFL playoffs......

This is a funny article from this morning.....

Go Ottawa Rough Riders! :roll: ...I predict they will win the West Division TITLE this Sunday....yes you read that right.....apparantly the Ottawa Rough Riders are playing Calgary this Sunday in the West Final....... :lol:

Read for yourself:

click here

(It was a pretty good article though in general)

What a joke.

Also to say that the Grey Cup is the CFL's "version" of the Super Bowl is hilarious as well. Which came first? That's right, it would be more accurate to say that the Super Bowl is the NFL's version of the much more senior Grey Cup. Just my opinion of course.

I emailed him and filled in the blanks for this poor guy. Hopefully he will follow a little more closely now. He is only an assistant. lol

You don't think McManus pulled a practical joke on this reporter do you?.....knowing the guy wouldn't research anything....

if so, this will be McManus when he reads the article...


Sure would be nice if those Ottawa Rough Riders and Russ Jackson were here in town tomorrow facing the Cats and Angelo Mosca.
I want to see widdle Wonnie Stewart put on his widdle a$$ won more time for the gwood times.


Good Find Mikey, and it is quite obvious that the reason the article was written is because it is somebody just checking up on one of the home-boys!

To somebody in Florida, Ottawa or Regina would be the same thing...after all...they probably think they are twin cities and just a dog-sled short drive away from each other! :roll: :lol:

At least Danny did a good job of explaining our game! :thup:

But what's up with that picture on the right?

Is he...... running?

Good post, Mikey:
It doesn't surprize me that the writer of this article thinks the Ottawa Roughriders are still in the league, let alone a playoff game.

Some Americans, including the president think John Putine is our Prime Minister, thanks to Rick Mercer.

after my email sent to him, this was his reply.


Your points are well made. I should have done my homework re: the CFL rather
than rely on 35-year-old memories of it, having watched CFL games shown on CBC
from my home in southeastern Michigan.

Thanks for writing.

Doug Blackburn
Assistant Sports Editor
Tallahassee Democrat