Talking trade ...

Since Calgary is struggling and there seems to be an ever increasing amount of turmoil surrounding the team due to its struggling record, I wonder if Marcel and Co. have looked in to the possibility of sneaking a trade in for one of the many digruntled Stamps receivers.

It looks as if Tom Higgins is on the hot seat and many of the players are not sold on George Cortez' system and the fact that the teams receivers have to rotate sitting out games.

So what do you think? Is there a possibility that the Ticats make a play for someone like Ken-Yon Rambo, Jermaine Copeland, Nik Lewis, or Marc Boerighter?

I would think that Corey Holmes, Julian Radelin and/or one of the many Canadian offensive linemen would be candidates to be traded.

Thoughts? Care to see any of those players in Black and Gold?

  • paul

ps. Save me the "What does it matter if you don't have a quarterback" posts please!

I would love to have any of theose you think they'd actually trade a starting reciever for one or more players that see spot duty on the leagues worst team? when you're struggling,other teams know this and its harder to trade. As for trading an o lineman,nope.I wont mention the qb thing but since you did.....

we dont need a reciver.

OK why would they want Holmes?

Jeez, and here I was thinking that the 'Cats could use an established receiver!

I thought this was a Discussion Forum, not a Statement Forum!

You are more than welcome to suggest some other players. I figured Holmes because teams in the West and the television media seem to feel he is being under-utilized and that may inflate his trade value. Especially to a western team who is more familiar with him.

The Ticats are 1 - 6, I figure they could use a little upgrading if it can be had at a good value price!

  • paul

Yes we could use a little upgrading. Its just the good value part that would be hard. These teams know we need upgrading and would be on us like a buzzard on a gut wagon

i have no problem giving up holmes but i just dont think there is any point in getting another receiver. a linemen would be nice tho

Anybody know of a good DE that might be available for the right "price"?

Ya but he plays DT. still could help.

right here....

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I'm pretty sure Marcel would pass on aquiring that guy.

do you think they would take Maas?

If we're going to make a trade it has to be good for both sides. So basically you have to give up value to get value. And quite frankly, we don't have a lot of value type guys that we'd be interested in trading. Although you might be able to trade draft picks to get someone, but then that would hurt the future of our Canadian talent. (I actually think we're pretty good at drafting Canadians, so I'd like to see us keep all of our picks.)

Are all the jokers finished????

Paul, I agree since the lack of use of Holmes in our Offense and Calgary "rotation" of receivers this might be a good trade to get both teams on track, this "we lack tradeable players" nonsense is funny, I guarantee any team in the league would take Holmes.. and at market value no less, it might be worth the phone call, since nowadays with digital phone even the CALL would be

I could see a trade for one of Calgarys I receivers working out. The price would be one of the TiCats NIs on defence, Dunbrack or Loescher or even safety Karikari.

Joe Monford is still on the Market and willing to take a pay cut to play in hamilton