TALKING tICATS ROSTER ----your comments are appreciated

Looks like we have some good looking DB'S now in #19 and #18

Robert Rose looks like a keeper and was a big part of stopping runs up the middle and provding more overall pressure
and opening up lane for rey williams

for us to use rose at DT then we need HINDS back to play CB . Does anyone know if HINDS
will be back for the playoffs .

carlos thomas looks like safety is a good spot for him
i also think Means was very impressive in past games.I like the options they have with everyone healthy .
I think their best DB right now is #18 Dee Webb followed by #19 Turene..both these guys can guard man to man well .
if i am the cats i play means, webb, turene , thomas at safety and Hinds for ratio reasons to allow Rose to start
at DT Bo smith has been playing better too as has Marcel Youbng so they would be the extra db's
in case of injury

I also hope chris Williams will be healthy soon as well as Jamal Johnson .
This defence yesterday had better pass rush due to Rose and Williams and had better man to man coverage
due to the new db's 18 and 19 specifically.

I think Bkari Grant is likely ahead of Aron Kelly on the depth chart but hopefully both can
start . i loved that fake reverse to thigpen and then passs to augie. i also loved the
blocked kick and blitzes on 2knd down by #42 dennison ... jeremy kelly looked great on s[pecial team # 11
and looks like he could be agood option at wr

Too bad terry grant is injured but boy we would look good with him as an option .
medlock has been golden and he is very athletic if we ever need a fake kick or on side kick
the next two games we can try some plays like we dd today

i'd love to hear eveyones opinion of the roster and what are best team would look like
for the playoffs

porter looks good in there especailly the threat to run and having the two of them is tough for the other team to
prep for

does nayone know if matt carter and hage will be ready for the playopffs ?

I think I would rather have the more experienced Milt Collins at safety. Thomas played well, but he's a rookie. We need that veteran presence in the playoffs.

The discussion on the Kiss The Witches Thread, vol. 8 p. 2 on the topic of the defensive backfield pretty much sums up this part of the discussion. I do buy keeping Thomas in (gulp) because the turnaround as he moved into his new position was wonderful. Before that I was wondering if the guillotine or garotte was the solution for his play.

I have been quite impressed with Webb and Turene"s play so far. These guys are ballers IMO. Thomas looks like he should stay at safety and he is a hard hitter (reminds me of Hitchcock)Collins and Thomas should be our only options at safety. Keep Shivers out of there. If we can hang on to all these guys our secondary is looking good next year.

I would still like the Cats to pick up a speedster at RB to play in place T Grant. :thup:

8) Hage is scheduled for knee surgery, and is done for the season.
  Carter is still feeling the effects from his concussion and is probably doubtfull.

I have to say I like Thomas at safety. He can really hit. Geroy will be seeing stars for a while now. I wasn't overly impressed with him at half but he's doing well at safety. i'm not sure that I'd mess with that. Collins looked pretty good, but IIRC he also plays other positions in the secondary.

I hope Carter won't have lingering symptoms ala Sidney Crosby.
The mental picture of Carter lying completely motionless on the field haunts me at times as I suspected it was much more serious.

Not that concussions aren't serious, because they certainly are. :frowning:

I thought McKay had a pretty good game. He still has room to go but he looked promissing. imo
I also loved some of the new aspects of our secondary. I didn't catch the name of number 19 (I know I can look it up) but he had some great plays, particularly closing in to break up a pass that would have been a touchdown for sure.

19 is Turenne he played well last week (in his first CFL game) also.