talked to moreno during autograph session ..READ THIS

After the last game i actually talked to Zeke Moreno after the game a little bit during autograph sessions and a few others were there listening and it was clear he was frustrated because he has had arguments with the coordinator on certain plays that he wanted to do but couldnt. Creehan had a different direction. I think this was a sucker way of getting rid of moreno because of how he has out smarted the defensive coordinator. When you watch the game in the stands you can see Moreno really stepping up..even calling his players on his defence to watch certain players and you can seem him pointing and everything else. Hes been a leader on teh defense and he helps the team in more ways then one. To lose him just shows how stupid the organization is being in getting rid of him..You just made Winnipeg just so much of a bigger threat to us. MAN!! GET A CLUE PEOPLE!!

i am no longer a season ticket lost a tiger cat i can watch the team humiliate themselves on tv and watch Bob young lose a lot more money now..I know tonnes of people on my myspace who are ti cat fans and go to teh games regularly and they have told me they will not buy anymore tickets.

Its sad to see the team go this route but its going to happen.


Oh grow up.

i talked to him buddy and its not about growing up..its about a player who was so frustrated because he couldnt make the plays that he felt needed to be done..Zeke was really good at seeing what the other team is going to do..whether it was a pass or a run or what not. He made it clean during the autograph session he was clearly frustrated.

you tell me to grow up but i mean it makes perfect sense..I wish some of the people that were there that heard me talkign to him could come on here and vouch for this. He wants more say in the plays that the defense does becuase you tend to see a lot more on the field then a coach would on the sideline.

Drexi you just don't get it. If fans mean anything to this team, they have to start winning and winning now. There is no more patience left in fans and they will leave in droves starting the next game. Fans are beyond angry. Furious is a better description. All you people calling for patience for so many years don't appreciate the urgency of getting this team turned around quickly. Obie obviously doesn't get it. But he will next game when no-one is there.

I believe you talked to him, but I don't think you should bail as a fan. He was a good and the smartest defender we had, BUT we have only won 5 games with him as line backer and our defence has been brutal in that stretch and I just find it ridiculous how everyone is completely over reacting, like the sky is falling and we'll never win a game again.

Yes but we're a very young team and we've been in almost every game this year. There are lots of young guys with huge potential, then next year we'll have 2 high draft picks plus last years first overal pick back. You just need patience while the team rebuilds and yet we're still in the playoff hunt with 2 other teams that are way bigger messes than us.

apparently Zeke doesnt get that its the coach job to coach and make decision on how the defence plays, and his job to just do it

Good riddance to two bit sorry excuses of so called fans.

I'm going to piss myself LOL!

Do you think if his coach had kept placing him in bad situations that Angelo Mosca would have gone quiet in to the night? Creehan is a cretin. So is Bellefeuille and so is Obilovich for trusting any of these two clowns.

according to OP. Zeke outsmarted his own co-ordinator. No player is to do such a thing, no matter what. A sport team should be like the military with clear chain of command that is obeyed, for better or for worse. Thats being a team player. As soon as a player decides he knows better than a coach, then he should be history, even if he is right.

But what Moreno does on the field is right and look how he directs some of the players on the field. If the other team is going to run Zeke will call it out and what not on the field. I have seem him do it many times. Thats a true leader.

HEART AND SOUL OF OUR TEAM GONE ITS GOT TO BE BEHIND THE SCENES POLITICS how many tackles for Zeke this year so far!!!

I don't agree with that at all, it's not a dictatorship. I've seen enough bs play calling from Creehan to side with Zeke.

t seems as though OB's hands were tied....Canada did not want to report to Hamilton...and then coincidently the bombers and Canada learned about a major injury to Canada???...What was Obie gonna do?...Like "Hey Zeke come on back, we really didn't want you to leave in the first place". there are obviously lines that are in between lines that need to be read....Bombers had Obie by the don't think Obie wanted a starting player with an immediate impact? Winnipeg had the upper hand to give us a "bucket of balls"....I think there is still more to unravel from this trade....Obie has to answer to the fans regarding this....Im always positive no matter what...however, i am confused.... :roll:

53 in 10 games, leading the league for a second consecutive year. On pace for 96.

116 last year.

I disagree. This is 2008 pro sports. If the players don't trust you as a coach and a teacher you are s.c.r.e.w.e.d

Creehan was fired mid-season last year by Tom Higgins for violating code of conduct with player personel. The guy is a d.i.c.k and no free agent will come and play for him...

footballyoubetwrote:"according to OP. Zeke outsmarted his own co-ordinator. No player is to do such a thing, no matter what. A sport team should be like the military with clear chain of command that is obeyed, for better or for worse. Thats being a team player. As soon as a player decides he knows better than a coach, then he should be history, even if he is right."

Footballyoubet: Maybe 100 years ago. But not now. If what OP says is true then Creehan is worse than I imagined.
Ever heard of using your players talents to the best advantage? Whats the point of hiring Zeke, who is a chase 'em down, play spotting, aggressive MLB if you neuter him to fit the "system." Same on offence with Jesse. Thats why Zeke seems to have lost it this year. Instead of playing his roaming, aggressive style, Creehan decided to keep him penned up watching for running backs. What a waste of talent. A good HC would have made sure Zeke was used properly.
I just can't figure out why Obie would want to get rid of him. Creehan is the one who should be gone.

he leads the league in tackles because he the defence is on the field more then any other team, on 2nd and 4 he stops guy after 5 yards. Without Armour at his side he is very average

8) oshawaguy is speaking the truth regarding Zeke's frustration with Creehan. It was made publicly clear several weeks ago that Zeke is not the same dominant player that he was as last year because he was not allowed to freelance this year.
 He was told to play the system that Creehan wanted and not deviate from it.

 This fact along with not having Armour to back him up this year made Zeke a lot less effective player compared to last season !!

 There is no doubt in my mind at all that Zeke demanded Obie to trade him out of here immediately.

 Zeke obviously believed that things would get even worse for him and this defence once Taaffe was fired  !!!  It was quite obvious that their was a rift between Zeke and Creehan  !!!

I agree. Zeke was and still is a true leader. We've never had anyone on this team since calvin tiggle who can quarterback the middle of the defense. This is an absolute blunder.

To those who want to rationalize it away and say he was just another player and that we can find a younger player who is the same cookie cooker mold, go ahead and delude yourselves if you like.

I'm so flipping mad with this organization. This just takes the cake.

Look at it this way...last year we had a solid linebacking corps - with the addition of knowlton it would've been one of the best, IF we had hung onto Armour. Now we trade away the leader. Now the linebackers are a joke. Poor Knowlton has his hands full now. Botterill, replace Zeke? Not on your life.