Talk Show Idol has a (small) Ti-Cat Angle tomorrow

Hey... tomorrow I'm on CHML as one of the 'Talk Show Idol' finalists. My topic connects with sports and has a small Ti-Cat angle attatched to it. The time slot is 2:30. Why not listen in and give a call (I know the topic is one that can raise discussion/tempers.) Or you can listen (online is fine) and email me a comment at

Thanks to all my fellow posters. Oskee-Wee-Qui (Hey... this IS a bilingual nation, isn't it? :smiley: )

Wee Wee.

Good luck, Mark. I'll be listening in from work online. Perfect excuse NOT to work. Thanks.

Good luck, Mark!! Will have to check it out online!

2:30 today! (Friday) :smiley:

You were great!! You read my email on the air. Well sort of. :lol: Excellent job. You sounded like a pro.

Well done, Mark. A great job.
But then we would have expected nothing less, having been privileged to converse with you here for all these years.

One small point....You get a phone call from Mark in Cambridge! How many of you guys in Cambridge are named Mark?

LOL I thought the same thing.

Sorry about the hash on your email, BG. Just as I began to read it the timer started waving his hands in my face! I had to 'sum it up' and get off fast!

Thanks ok. You did a great job. I never could have done that.