Talk of the Town: 2022 team award winners announced

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has announced six team award winners from each CFL club who will advance to the next stage of voting in the lead up to the 2022 CFL Awards.

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Interesting Rourke did not receive unanimous decision for Canadian or Player. Seems odd.


Exactly what I was about to post. But then again, great pot available for BC writers to smoke.

I also noticed that tin foil helmet guy Jacob Ruby won the Oline nomination for Ottawa.

I thought that these are just the Team submission candidates from their rosters. BC did nominate Rourke for their Top player + Top Canadian. The Actual winners are announced at Grey Cup.
IMHO I think they made very good candidates as they are pretty much my choices.
Good luck to all!

Yeah, I can't disagree with any of them. IMO in the West it's going to be close for MOP on D. Really good candidates across the board but I think it'll be Sankey with Lemon & Jefferson close behind. That should be the closest race.

You are correct but the point made was that Rourke was not the unanimous choice in BC in either category he won. Puzzling.

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MOD--Mauldin IV

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All reasonable choices but do you not mean Stanley Bryant for most outstanding OL rather than Sankey?

Maudlin is not a bad choice for defensive MOP and might win it, but I think McManus was the consensus choice before going down with injury. I am wondering as to whether voters might still recognize him or whether they feel he has missed too much time, as Rourke obviously has.

Nope. Is picking 3 out of 6 Bombers not enough for you? Going with the sack leader. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fair enough but you have him winning the OL category do you not? (Sankey I mean)

Whoops, gotcha, many thanks. Good thing we can edit.

A football conundrum for fans of the Cats or other Cfl fans. With the Hamilton Tiger-Cats struggling this season with the offensive line, with the quarterbacks being sacked and harassed it appears surprising that two former Hamilton offensive linemen Joe Figueroa and Landon Rice are the best linemen on their teams. If these players are deemed so valuable by BC and Montreal, how did Hamilton release them with so little fanfare or regard? I am perplexed.