Talk about terrible

I watched the Cats /Argos game today..Cats did ok to halftime and then the roof fell in.All sorts of mistakes again.Cats should have yanked Morton right away and put Newman back in.Cats and Morton couldn,t even get 1 yard when i t was 3rd down in the 4th and deep in their end.
I said punt the ball.I,m telling you Cats are going to end up in last place in the East.Bombers are next and they,ll kill the Cats.Cats need to clean house at seasons end.Starting with Mitchell,,coach O,Condell ,Evans,Morton,and sign decent reliable receivers.

So what you're saying is we have a chance .


No chance at all,,its to late for that this season,,maybe by 2023 if they do a complete over haul

Fire him.

Another great thread...too bad you just didn't post your thoughts in

Every thought isn't thread worthy.


No but one thought is.

Fire the fraud.

Talk About Terrible : (1) Your wife leaves you for a butt ugly guy with the IQ of a slug
(2) Your dog/best friend dies
(3) You lose your job to a butt ugly guy who is now sleeping with
your Ex.
(4) Your doctor gives you good news/bad news . Your test results
are good but he tells you that he's been sleeping with your Ex
for decades .

So you think you've had a bad year with the Cats do you ?


If they only just parted with dead wood Scott Mitchell the Cats could be viable again in 10 years.

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