talk about smart schedulers

who else would think of scheduling exhibition games at the end of the reg season :cowboy:

So the mighty schedule makers can predict the future and know that everything would be locked up by week 17? I think they did a great job scheduling all games within the divisions to finish off the year, that at least leaves it open to a chance of the games meaning something.

And based on last year's standings, they had no reason not to believe that the Montreal/Toronto game would be for first place, and the Hamilton/Winnipeg game would be for a playoff spot. B.C./Calgary also had the potential of being for first place.

The fact is, no matter what the matchups were this week, it was destined to be a bit of a dud because the East standings were so spaced apart, Calgary was so far ahead in the West, and the Lions had already lost the series against Saskatchewan. Can't blame the schedule-makers for that.

I guess you didn't get the humour :wink:

I got your humour FYB!

appreciated :thup:

Helps Winnipeg and Edmonton prepare for next season.

I’ll have you know that wry and/or ironic observations are not always appreciated on this board and so I, for one, am always grateful for the correction and reproof offered in charity by my fellow members here.