Talk About Scrapping Divisions Can Now Stop

First , I am pissed.
That is the thing about the GC, the team you pull for only has a 50 / 50 chance to win.

Anyway, the last 2 West Finals between the 2 " best " teams have been blow outs.
While the last to GC's have been close.

Those who advocate scrapping the divisions in favor of having the 2 best teams can give it a rest.
Do these semi's have appeal ? OTT @ EDM and HAM @ CAL ?

The GC would have been EDM vs what ever bruised banged up showed up.
CFL can screw around with the logo all they want . Please just leave the play-off as is.

As a fan , here is what could be done to make the GC better:

Kick off is to be at 4 pm. Turn the tv on at 4 pm at you get some garbage that delays the KO to 4 :30.
Stop with the pre game music from Canuck cowboys who would not make the auditions into Canada Might Have Talent.
That includes over kill with pre-game expert opinions.

4 pm is late enough, but to drag it into 4:30 - 4:45 needs to stop.
It is worse in Winnipeg because their start time is 5 pm extended.

I remember the good days when I would see KO at 1 or 2 pm.

Your logic is missing the obvious; Calgary would not have played Edmonton in a semi a week after playing BC, they would have played the winner of a first round game after having the bye. That week off makes a huge difference. And had they made the Grey Cup they would have been playing Edmonton a week after their semi game the same as Edmonton. No advantage to either.

The fact that the 14-4 Stampeders had to play the rested 14-4 Eskimos while the 12-6 Ottawa team rested up for the 10-8 Ti-Cats is proof the current system is highly flawed and divisions MUST be scrapped in order to offer a consistent chance of the best 2 teams meeting in the Grey Cup and giving the 18 game regular season more meaning than just eliminating 3 of 9 teams.

East West MUST GO!!!!!!!


east vs west.

your 2 best teams theory is incredibly flawed.

because if that was the case then the NHL has a bad system too.

as does the NFL and the NBA and MLB.

it's fine, it's been fine for 60 some years and it's still fine today.

The NHL is flawed as are all of the big 4, however, they have one huge difference; an unbalanced schedule. While the CFL is not a perfectly balanced schedule it is virtually balanced. Each team plays every other team twice leaving 2 extra games. The balanced schedule eliminates the need for divisional playoffs and it makes sense to allow the best to get the best seeding and the bye.

Those opposed based on the archaic east/west rivalry are ignoring the facts; 1) we have had several all west Grey Cup and the league and game survived just fine, and 2) most fans don't cheer by region and could care less about east vs west they want best vs best.

Bury your head in the sand, but to continue this way is to reward or punish teams based on fortunate/unfortunate geography rather than performance and live in an outdated model. Everyone is talking about drawing in younger fans, so how do you sell them on the best and 3rd best teams getting a bye while the 2nd best has to play an extra game and play the best team just to get to the Grey Cup. Logic is obviously not your strong suit.

I'd prefer to scrap the divisions and have the best 2 teams meet in the Grey Cup. I think that is a stronger selling point for the game than the East - West rivalry. If they're serious about re-branding the league, this would be the way to go, much more so than a new logo and website.

EAST VS WEST. This must remain.

I would keep it the way it is. Keeping East-West gives games within the division more meaning throughout the season and would keep the rivalries intact, plus keeping the playoffs within the divisions means more frequent match ups which I think sells the game better. A single table would lose that IMO.

I think that nine teams fighting for first overall is more interesting than 4 teams fighting for first in their divisions.
Could make for a more interesting season. Also in a more political sense, do we need to continue to play up the East - West divide anymore. We are after all one big country.

I guess I'm translating to baseball though the CFL is on a smaller scale.

Jays games vs. the Yankees and even following what they did in other matches had much more intrigue than challenging the Royals for 1st in the AL. We would get the Royals later anyways (and lost) and those games sold themselves when the time came.

East v West, do not change please.

They are good arguments for scrapping the divisions and for keeping them but with falling ratings and attendance I think the league could use a jolt. Scrapping the divisions might provide that. A 9 team one division league in a strange way feels bigger to me than a 4 team and 5 team divided league, but that could just be me.

east vs west is great.

you are so wrong about the time of kickoff. the pregame was great. everything was great. there is nothing to complain about other than there we do not have anymore CFL.

I want a better website.
I want more CFL on TV and RADIO
I want better jerseys.

hmmm thats it.

I remember the even better days when the Grey Cup was on Saturday! :cowboy:

Don't give Orridge any more ideas about "improving" the product. Leave it alone.

it's always those New Fans who have only been a fan of the CFL for a very short time that feels the need to change it for their satisfaction.

I'm pretty sure that Hamilton and Ottawa would rather have a playoff game against their current divisional rivals than a semi final game vs a Western Team.

We should all be open to new ideas. Here's one. Instead of the traditional East-West divisions, why not divide the league up between North and South?

The most northerly cities are: Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Vancouver.

The most southerly cities are: Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. If we ever add another team in Quebec City or the Maritimes, it would also be a natural fit for the Southern Division.

How's that for mixing things up?

Last Saturday Grey Cup was 1970 - Montreal over Calgary 23-10
East vs West is Tradition and should stay this way.

And not even all of them. I've only been following the past 2 years and I like the East West.

it has always worked! there's never really been an issue, it's just those that are super sensitive because they want the league to be more like the NFL. then go watch NFL.

Now that there are 4 eastern teams, competition/rivalry will p/u in the east, that has been the biggest draw back.