Talk about a slap in the face!

My pardons if this has been discussed, but what the hell are they thinking? As if not having a team this season wasn't bad enough.....this is just plain rude, in my opinion.....

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'Gades fans pay price for refunds
By Ottawa Sun staff

Ottawa Renegades season ticket holders will soon get their money back -- minus $10.

The Renegades announced yesterday that refunds would be paid (minus a $10 handling fee) beginning May 15.

The refunds will be sent by mail to the last-known address of each season ticket subscriber. The order of refunds will be in alphabetical order, so if your last name begins with an "H", for instance, your refund won't be sent until mid-June.

If you're near the end of the alphabet, don't look for your cheque until early August.

What next will happen in this league.Next thing you know teams will charge to use their web sites!!!Now that is a slap across the face..
Just kidding.Wright you better fix this problem!!!
God bless free web sites!!!!!

:shock: ???

This smells like something Ticket Master would pull off!

Can you say class action???

That sucks, and gives the CFL another black eye!

Hope those 2,000 fans take the gades to court, and hopefully the league will side with the fans to show that it wasn’t the league fail that the team is where it is now; it’s all because of the gades management.

Kanga, who would go to court for 10$, when that makes you lose a day at the job worth way more than that? The best way to steal from people is to steal small amounts, because even if everyone notices it, nobody deems it worth of investing time an energy to recover the stolen dollars.

If you challenge that, you could end up with more than 10, and maybe 100 depending if the gades want to settle, which I think where the team is now, they will.

I dunno, maybe it’s just my wacky insane mind telling me stuff again.

You also forgot one other thing Third.....The Lawyers would want their cut too.

True Sporty. So you'd probably end up getting your 10$ back and owing your lawyer 1700$.

yep, definably KK's wacky insane logic at work again, I'm shutting up now.

You could go for punitive damages , say like $500 for the unused individual game tickets.

How about psychological or mental damages?

You couls go to small claims court where there are now crooks, EH I mean lawyers involved.
A lawyer would take a % of the claim and even if I only got a dollar back I wiuld rather that then see the Ex-owners get my 10$

Let me get this straight.

You guys are getting your money back on a bankruptcy and you are BITCHING?

DAMN, you gotta be kidding. They shave $10 off and you guys are pissed...

Here I am thinking you guys are lucky that your getting something back (which I was pretty sure the CFL would make right) but still, losing $10 is nothing. Especially since it's probably the Ticketing fee that they had to pay ticketmaster.

Comeon guys, be happy you're getting your cash back... it's only $10.. or look at it this way, you're still getting 95% of what you paid for them back.


Marty, we kinda sound lame when you put it that way. Please, stop putting it that way.

Now if Ticket Master is keeping the money the fans should go for it. It is not the $10 that is important, it's the principle of the thing. I really think the league should make good on this just to show it has class. It does, doesn't it? I don't know why they should be happy just to get the cash back. It was their's in the first place and the team folded, it did not go bankrupt. If Ticket Master knows it can rip you off for a ten and that you will just suck it in, it will only encourage them to keep doing it. Guess one has to make that decision on the strength of conviction. Stick it in then give it a bit of a turn.

If i were an Ottawa fan I would want a full refund on my season tickets. They are being deprived of watching CFL football, and its more than just watching the game. I go to games to soak up the atmosphere of the event. It is why I would go for punitive damages along with just getting the original $10 handling fee back.

I doubt you would get damages.
I feel you should get 100% of you money back but damages is a bit of a stretch in my opinion

How is this the League's fault, or why do they have to do something about it to show they have "class"? This is completely out of the League's jurisdiction. It wasn't the League that sold the tickets, and it's not the League that's refunding their money. So why should the League have to step in and "make it right", and why is it "another black eye for the League" (which has only had one black eye over the past 3 years or so)?