Dave Dickenson is a very weird QB

he’s very small

not very athletic

his arm isnt very strong

and he gets injured alot

that right there just shows how auesome his football smarts and decision making is to be as damn good as he is…very smart qb and a very good maybe the best and decision making and planning

Sounds like what they said about Tom Brady too.

It will be fun to watch him slice up your defense this weekend!

...no-way red....they got Joe back...and Durden has laid it on the line....bring it on he says...Reggie better hope Geroy is wearing lead-boots...lol lol

You are kidding me right Pappa! You are really pulling the wool over the eskimos eyes here! Yes Joe will add a bit better pass rush. But there defensive back field looked below average last week. It seems they were not as good! I also think they came into that game over confident and was suprised by a hungry defense and offense. The Lions will dominate in this game. :lol:

Dickenson is the only QB in the league that I would take for Ray.

BC is going to get beat down this Friday.

Thank god Montford is back!

.....if you are pinning your hopes on a guy who hasn't played in over a month and looks around to see only a few guys he did actually play with last.....well, good luck with that as Spongebob would say......

If I remember right even with Montford in there last year this team over achieved. Now if Jeanty returns then I would say 40 percent chance of success for the schmoes! But as it stands now 30 per cent! :lol:

Dont worry the Eskimos still have plenty of time to Bend the CFL "Rules" and acquire a new player.

Pokey what is the problem for them to add players to replace players that need replacement. Just because Taman doesn't do this you need to say it is bending the ruels. Now if the get loaned players again okay then you are correct! :lol:

yup...just kidding...Montford will be a big lift in the locker-room....but that's not where they need the biggest boost...it seems they are lacking in a lot of stats. so far this year...and Danny is going to have to get a new dance routine...to turn this club around.. :wink:

Ithink when their offensive line plays together for a bit their running game will get better and that might be some help.

Iam picking Edmonton although I doubt Montford will be a factor at all. He is not a young man and will not be in game shape. I lot to ask of anyone.

Esks have a poor ground game and it will haunt them again this week. DD will rip that secondary apart, just like Glenn did last week.

He took a real beating last year, probably more thane any other QB and still played most of the season. I would add tough as nails to that list. And he confessed he was a nerd in his youger day too.

Dave can pick defenses apart at will! Edmonton will be an appetitizer! :lol:

if the old man doesent break his hip.hahahaha

Sorry disagree with you! He is no more injury prone then any other player in the CFL. He got hammered last year because of two things. One a weak offensive line and the play calling of one Jacque Chapedlene. The guy is the weak link for the Lions! Why does Wally like this guy he must cut his lawn for him. :lol:

But he hasn't come close to playing a full season since he got back from the NFL. Sure the o-line has something to do with it, but I think he is somewhat more injury prone than most qbs. Look at Ray last year, he got pounded pretty often and hard(o-line was avg. at best), but still managed to play the entire regular season, save for 3 snaps.

Ray was not pounded half as much as DD.