Talent Evaluation and Scouting?

I cannot understand how KELLY MALVEAUX is matched up always man to man vs Jermaine Copeland in the end zone--

Malveaux does not turn around and looks completely lost, he puts no effort out there covering a receiver and interferes every single time with a receiver--

Anthony Marlbrough??? ARe U kidding me? This guy is so washed up its not even funny, no problem we have a spot on Edmonton for you--

I watched the game today and noticed that Edmonton does not move on Defense, they dont fake blitzes and show any movement on Defense--

The DALEY Classic was rushing 2 guys vs Burris and allowing him to run for 2nd and 15 in the 2nd half as the 2 guys somehow could not BREAK THROUGH the 6 guys protecting Burris---

Ritchie Hall- This man is not a COACH- he does nothing to help the team--

Ricky RAY- He is washed up IMO, I think he is living off his reputation and is too old and slow now to get the job done--

PRefontaine? HE misses makeable fgoals and cant punt in the air, every punt is a line drive bad punt--

This team needs to be dismantled-- I think the only players worth keeping are WHITLOCK and maybe Stamps--

I would look at replacements for every other position including all coaching positions--

Mann and Peterson are looking like they dont care, TRISTAN Jackson wants out, he is barely running anymore--

This team is a mess from the TOP all the way to the BOTTOM NOW--

They look about as bad as TORONTO--

I knew when they hired RITCHIE it was a lock to finish last place, RITCHIE HALL is not a head coach.