Tale of Two Cities

Is anyone in the situation where they live in one CFL city, but cheer for a team in another? Would you ever convert?

No way. I would not not be willing to root for another team just because I happened to reside in their city, and I know I'm not alone here. I lived in Calgary for a couple years but never once considered cheering for the Stamps. I already cheer for the most storied team in the CFL, why lower myself to cheering for another?

I recentlly moved to victoria, But my alegence to the argos remains complete

All of our teams have been in the league forever. And we all have history. The esk have no more history than any other. You don't think, if you had season tickets to another team, seeing their excitement everyother weekend might get to you. Maybe build a bit of a soft spot?

Would you even buy tickets to the home team? Season or single games

Same here....lived in Calgary, went to a game or two over five years, but cheered for the Eskimos.

I have lived in Calgary for about 8 yrs now. I have attempted in the past to cheer for the Stamps, but I have come to the conclusion that I would rather cheer for the Bombers then the Stamps, and that is coming from a Rider Fan. (Grew up in Sask).

Now that I reread my post, I think that may be a lie, I would only cheer for the team that best helps the Riders. But I could never be converted.


living in saskatchewan only makes me cheer for my blue and gold more enthusiastically. or any non rider team for that matter. The only thing as good as seeing my bombers at home every game is cheering against the riders in sask every chance i get. one of lifes truly enjoyable experiences that everyone should try.

When I moved to Vancouver in 1988 I was true Blue and Gold. Actually, here were a number of Bomber fans at Lions games. I still pull for them now but the Leos are my team.

I was an Eskimos fan for 25 years. I moved to Ottawa and got season tickets. For the first two years I dressed in my "greens" and cheered for the Eskimos when they were in town and on TV and for the Renegades the rest of the time. But something happened along the way and last year I couldn't bring myself to cheer for the Eskimos when they were here. I guess I am a sucker for the underdog. I am a full time Renegades fan now. Poor me...

No way man, you should be proud of yourself for staying straight and clean after so many years of giving into the mind control that is the Hugh Cambell psychnomicdrone machine........Good for you cutenameperson, keep cheering those gades, they are going to need every who down in whoville tonight to make as much noise as possible.......

psychnomicdrone........hehehe....I made that one up......

It has a lot to do with player and team identity. Cheering on the home team where you live is human nature. Yeah, yeah I know....Rough Rider fans will say they never change no matter where they move, but it's the ones that do change we never hear from. Again, I will always be a Bomber fan (Even though I don't like the lightening bolt through the "W". I do prefer the look prior) I grew up with all the tradition, but it's the Leo's I relate to after being here 17 years.. If the two met in a Grey Cup I would be in my glory.

Im an Esks man in Saskatoon

hmmm.....brain cells are a chugging away here.....cflfan made me think of an interesting idea with the playoffs, why does it have ot be a West East affair, what if they took the top six teams in the league and ranked them, then teams one and two would have first week byes, team three would play team six and team four and five would square off, etc.... similar to NHL style of playoffs.....you could formulate a Calgary Edmonton, Or BC-Sask, or Tor-Ham Grey Cup, whoa, when I become commish.......there's gonna be changes......


Why "no"? It works in almost every other league. Maybe next time you could elaborate rather than simply answering "yes" or "no". This IS a discussion forum after all.


i think thats an awsome idea... although i would hate to see a Toronto/Montreal final... my two least fav. teams in the GC with eachother, its a lose lose situation

all sports teams have divisions, or conferences. one team has to represent the division, the teams represent cities and the best of those teams represent them all to play in the big game.

its the principle of sports, its who’s team can beat the other team, and like each city has teams who represent, every broad area has a team to represent them, thats what the regular season determines. it can just be a free for all.

What in the hell did you just say, 32001?? We ARE talking about a nine team league here, hey?

Anyway RW, you're a real card. But your idea has legs. I'm a little surprised it hasn't gotten more response from the board. It think it beats this cross-over b.s.