Tale of the Tape: Starting QB's for the Toronto, Wpg & BC

The Argos and Bombers desperately need some leadership at QB, someone who could come in and produce immediately. Pierce or Jackson would seem attractive for these teams. I like Reaves potential in Toronto, but Pickett has some valuable game experience for backup. K. Joseph has a similar contract to Buck this season ($325k), and both will probably have to restructure their deals to find a role somewhere. Wpg could sign Jyles, but would still need a starting QB to lead the way.

Here are the passing stats of some of the potential starters for BC, Wpg and Tor:

Player, age --- Att -- Comp --- % -- Yards - Avg -- TD -- % --- Ints - % - Rating
Pierce, 28 ---- 1,061 -- 692 -- 65.2 - 8,734 - 12.6 -- 48 - 4.5 --- 31 - 2.9 - 93.7
Printers, 29 -- 1,136 -- 692 -- 60.9 - 9,916 - 14.3 -- 54 - 4.8 --- 32 - 2.8 - 93.3
Jackson, 33 --- 832 --- 455 -- 54.7 - 6,476 -- 14.2 -- 50 - 6.0 --- 30 - 3.6 - 85.1
Joseph, 36 -- 3,124 - 1,829 - 58.5 - 24,831 - 13.5 - 130 - 4.2 - 108 - 3.5 - 83.5
Pickett, 29 --- 339 ---- 208 -- 61.4 - 2,163 -- 10.4 --- 4 - 1.2 --- 5 -- 1.5 - 77.6
Bishop, 34 -- 1,492 --- 760 -- 50.9 - 11,772 - 15.4 - 66 - 4.4 -- 76 -- 5.1 - 71.0
LeFors, 29 ---- 273 --- 152 -- 55.7 - 1,661 -- 10.9 --- 8 - 2.9 -- 11 -- 4.0 - 66.8
Jyles, 27 ------ 152 ---- 92 -- 60.5 - 1,085 -- 11.7 --- 5 - 3.3 -- 11 -- 7.2 - 63.1

Notes: Player ages as of July 1, 2010. Avg = Average yards per completion

The top 3 stand out for me, although the Lions system (and Geroy) may be a contributing factor. Other highlight are: Buck's 65% completion rate, but 12.6 yd passing avg; Jarious throwing a TD pass every 6 of 100 attempts; Bishop throwing an INT at a 5.1% clip; and Jyles lack of production considering all the hype. All 3 Lion QB's can't stay in BC, with Printers as starter taking Buck's fat pay cheque...and Jarious already earning top money as backup ($140k).

My call: Buck to Toronto and Jarious to Wpg...with BC crossing their fingers with Printers and Lulay. :cr:

Interesting. . . my call's a bit different though.

I think BC will keep Printers, Jackson, and one of either Lulay or Champion.

Printers has been fragile, so they'll want to keep an established backup behind him in the #2 slot. . . and since Jackson traditionally has been better anyway coming in off the bench than he has been as a starter, he's the logical one. As between Lulay and Champion at #3, that'll depend on how they perform in TC and exhibition games. That's how I see it playing out, anyway.

Excellent assessment xvys and it's anyone guess when Pierce will get hurt again. Wherever Pierce ends up a solid backup who can be a starter is required as is, soon to be was, his situation in BC. I don't see how Pierce won't have to take less money than any given other starter given that situation in order for a team to afford a better backup.

This list could stop after Joseph in my view with Pickett still too early in his CFL career to make a firm determination though with all his fumbles in few games since even his short-term NFL days, he is really on the iffy.

Who was it telling me Jarius Jackson could be a solid starter? Not when he's only completing 54.7% of his passes. If he was starting for my team, I'd be afraid. He seems to balance every good play with an equally stupid play. Not a bad guy coming off the bench, but not a starter in my opinion.

Of course, Joseph's completion percentage isn't much better... but I only suggested Toronto keep him because he's been there the last couple seasons, and knows the offence, and he's a veteran. But I didn't know he was 36. Damn. He's definitely getting up there. Might be time to call it a career.

What a joke Bishop is. Barely completes half of his passes, and he's thrown more INTs than TDs. Argotom, you DO NOT want this guy in Toronto. To be honest, after the way his stints in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg ended, I'd be very surprised if anyone signed him.

As for the rest of the QBs... talk about slim pickins. Pierce is probably the best out of the bunch, but he can never stay healthy. Between the concussions and constantly aggravating his shoulder, he's not really worth it.

I can definitely see it playing out that way. Pierce is the better QB between him and Jackson, but he's injury prone, and Jackson is good coming off the bench, so I can definitely see Wally hanging onto Jackson, and letting Pierce go.

It's kind of unfortunately. The guy would be good if he wasn't made of glass...

That was my initial thoughts also, Madjack, that the Lions would keep a veteran due to Printers' fragility...but I am real high of Travis Lulay. As a Lion fan, I would rather they develop Lulay than give his playing time to Jarious or Buck.

But looking at the personalities of the new coaches, the Argos under Barker might prefer a strong-armed gunner like Jackson, who is a TD machine. Jarious has the tag of being inconsistent, but he's never been give a real chance to run his own team.

LaPolice in Wpg is known for more of a ball control offence, so Buck might be the better fit there. Buck has a high completion percentage and although had a tough last season, has been careful with turnovers in his career. Buck still has to prove his durability and his new team should keep a veteran in reserve, but he has much upside and youth.

i think KJ will remain the Argo starter, BECAUSE the pickings are so slim.

if the Bombers don't keep him, Bishop will be out of work again.

Don't be surprised to see both Pierce and Jackson gone. That would free up a huge amount of salary cap room! If he had a good O-Line, Buck can be very successful. Jackson is just a solid backup, nothing more.
Winterpeg would be foolish not to pick up one of them. Rita is foolish so he'll do nothing.

Great point. I can see the Argos trading for Jackson, could be a good fit with Barker.

Agreed. Lulay is the Leos’ QB of the future. Not sure if Champion will make it back as 4th string as Wally has a philosophy with his QB prospects, “if you’re not moving up, you’re moving out.”

I don’t see Wally parting with Jackson. As others have noted, he’s money coming off the bench. His detractors point to his comparitively low completion percentage (his short passing game can be frustratingly inconsistent), but his touchdown to completion ratio is insanely high. Bottom line, he wins games, and is seen as a leader.

Buck is a smart quarterback who has always enjoyed a high QB rating. Unlike JJ, I can’t see him being satisfied playing second fiddle to Printers. He prefers the ball control ‘dink and dunk’ offense which explains his higher completion percentage. My only concern with Buck is his ability to stay healthy (as he tends to hold onto the ball too long and slides dangerously). Arm strength as well is not overly impressive. Still, I would put a healthy Buck Pierce far in front of Joseph or Pickett.

I won't be overly surprised were that to happen. . . but with Printers' injury history, isn't it a bit risky to go with 2 backups in Champion and Lulay who have minimal playing experience in the CFL?

I don't think so. Both have shown a huge amount of potential, Lulay even started a game if I remember right. I'm sure that either will turn out to be a damn good backup if not starter one day. Lulay was 62% on his passing last year, that's amazing for a CFL rookie.

A possbility of course. . . but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe Barker has something else in mind. He sure knows Calgary's personnel, and just made a trade with them. . . I wonder if there's a part 2 trade coming next. . . as in maybe he's seen something in Calgary's backups, Tate and/or Nealy, that he likes?

Just out of curiosity, why are people so down no Cody Pickett? I didn't watch him much last season (largely b/c Toronto was just awful), but looking at his stats, he doesn't look too bad. He played in only 9 games last season, and he had a pretty good four-game stretch between Aug 14 and Sept 11. If he played like that regularly, he could be OK.

It looks like he slipped a bit in his last three games. Not sure what happened there. Was he injured, or did the offence just go straight to hell?

I watched pretty much every game the Argos played last season (cruel and unusual punishment, I know). . . and I've never seen anything in Pickett that gives me any sense that he'll ever develop into a CFL starter at all. It just seems to me that he doesn't have what it takes.

.....NOW ...here is where the rubber is gonna hit the road.....Pierce will most likely be available just after his bonus is due at the beginning of March.....Would Braley...Wally and company do a 'wink wink'...'nudge nudge'...with regard to their available qbs.... and I wonder if both Jackson and Pierce were available...would the best qb. end- up wearing an argo uni....hmmmmmmm...Here is where that ownership ,conflict of interest thing ,could rear it's ugly head....I hope the commish is watching... :roll: :roll: Of course this is ALL conjecture at this point in time....but something to watch. :wink:

....looks like Bombers won't wait for Bucky or Jackson....Jyles signing with the Bombers is imminent...according to the free press and his agent just awhile ago.. :roll: ...Welcome aboard Mr. Jyles... :thup:

Anyone but Joseph, who has been a disaster here the last two years.

But looking at the personalities of the new coaches, the Argos under Barker might prefer a strong-armed gunner like Jackson, who is a TD machine. Jarious has the tag of being inconsistent, but he's never been give a real chance to run his own team.
Who was it telling me Jarius Jackson could be a solid starter?
And above as stated by xyvs is exactly why, The Chief Lord, it was I who stated in a different post that Jackson is due to be a starter and improve right now.
Just out of curiosity, why are people so down no Cody Pickett?
Check out Pickett's consistent fumble stats since 2004 back to the NFL days via Pro Football Reference too -- it does not matter what league he plays in, he can't hold onto the ball apparently. Nothing else impressive about his other stats either.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is way more remaining upside on Jackson than on Pickett.

You seem to be the only Argos fan I have come across who gets this Argotom, but then again I am rather new to the CFL as a fan south of the border.

Are your fellow Argos fans really into drinking his Kool-Aid, or is that just a false impression I have been getting on this forum from other CFL fans?

Either that or everyone else who is not a fan of the Argos is on a covert agenda to push for Joseph because they feel otherwise that there is far more downside than any upside with him?