Talbot retires

Says adios to the Esks.....ni receiver Andre Talbot has hung up his cleats...looking for a new direction in life.....

I've always liked Talbot...thought he was very under-rated ..Best years were with T.O however....Seems like Tilman will be on the hunt for a new canuck receiver....If that's the case the Bombers have one in Brock Ralph...He might be had for a couple of pics...What da ya say Eric :roll:

Are you guys still pimping Brock Ralph?

…shamefully yes…any takers :lol:

Solid workman like receiver.

Sucks losing a NI receiver, but I wish him all the best. Wish he'd gotten here sooner.

I liked Talbot. I even followed him on Twitter when he was still an Argo. After he got traded I never got another tweet from him. I think he was seriously deflated being traded from his home town team. I remember him making a couple of big catches for the Esks last year. I'm kind of sorry to see him go.