Taking to many delay of game penalties!

Okay this is something that might bother most people! In the game eskies vs the Stamps Machokie has them take two or three delay of game penalties while on their goal line! Good coaching or justtaking advantage of the rule! What is your opinion?

both actually

If it's legal and it benefits your club then I would call it good coaching. (If it's possible to say good coaching and Machokie in the same sentence :lol: )

.....after the first penalty the clock doesn't start on any subsequent plays until the ball is snapped, so technically it isn't a delay after the first time....weird to still call it 'delay of game' when it didn't really delay the playclock...

That because you have 20 seconds whether the game clock is running or not

In the game today, there was a extremely late whistle on a delay of game call on Joseph...just food for thought.

This is a rule that is hopefully changed next year. Definately a glitch in the rulebook.

I dont see a need to change it!
Even though you can be called for delay of game countless time. You can only run 20 seconds off the clock.
The game clock does not start untill the snap of the ball.

It's buying more time for your team to get ready. It slows down the game which sucks. Just put in a penalty on the kickoff or something.

I consider it to be time management.

They do put a penalty in. They kick 5 yards back