TAKING PRIDE IN THE GREY CUP : a great article!


[url=http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/chris_schultz/?ID=184294]http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists ... ?ID=184294[/url]

You know what, only Englo Canadians can take pride int that travesty. It should be the ecfl the Englo Canadian football league. I for myself out of this little pu8ny league


Oh great! Like we haven't had enough discriminationracism talk in the CFL this year thanks to Roy Shivers, Arland Bruce, and now Montreal Fans who think the world is against French Canada in football games.

lmao....what a world we live in. Blame everything on discrimination.

So how much coverage did B.C. get in QUEBEC?

This is a real non-issue. However they should have more bi-ligual refs in the CFL.

MONTREAL does play in CANADA and they just got beat by a better team this time.

Wow ... I wish more Canadians thought like that.

(I mean like Schultz, not like this "discriminatory" BS)

Well , even some Quebecers can be down on CANADA , just like some ENGLISH Canadians are. :thdn:

Sadly , it is a all Canadian thing. :thdn:

I think that this Canadian is being far to sensitive.

It is a Canadian thing ... where else do people compare their country to another and then put down their own? And then put down their own country because they compared themselves to another?!?

Everyone I know is proud to be Canadian ... but Canadians I don't know really seem to be more than happy to bash their own country. Not even constructive criticism ... just, "we $uck. Even though that includes me. I'm so ashmaed to be associated with Canadiana."

Al, quit your whining - it's pathetic. It's Canadians like you that give me a nagging headache. Waaa. As stated earlier, if you can't stand the country, get on a plane. Quick.

This was supose to make us feel better not worse!

It's not Montreal fans, it's just one idiot spouting off.

I agree , but this was a great article by CHRIS S.

Why are you such an idiot? The better team won, and no one is to blame for the Als loss except for the Als themselves.

So he wants out? Where's he going to go? Maybe he can start the la league professionnel du pied-ballon du Québec. I'm sure he'll find lots and lots of pros willing to play there.

The fact is that football in Canada was invented in Montréal. That makes it as much a part of Canadian heritage as anything else he can care to name. Who cares if some franco-bigot can't stand to participate in anything remotely anglais. It will carry on despite his hatred.

You can argue that football ANYWHERE (ie, USA included) was invented in Montreal. McGill took their version of the game to Harvard, who liked it so much they adapted their own version to the Canadian one somewhat ... and from there football was born in the States.

I do like this concept of a LPPBQ though :wink:

So true. For a country [at that time] of only a couple of million we should be proud of the fact that Canadians invented 3 NEW GAMES.

A Canadian invented basketball in the U.S.
Then there is HOCKEY and modern rules football. :thup:

Gridiron football both the American & Canadian variety have their roots in rugby which McGill introduced to Harvard in an exhibition match. The evolution of American & Canadian football came in parallel with both variants borrowing ideas from the other. The huddle an invetion of the McMaster football program. The forward pass ironically was first legalized in the NCAA. Hasmarks came with an NFL championship being forced into the 80 yard confines of the old Chicago Stadium (arena). The CFL I beleive was the first to adopt the 2 point convert.

I'm pretty sure that the standard for smaller playing fields in the US came from Princeton lacking the necessary area at their grounds coupled with a number of teams playing in randomly sized & shaped baseball parks.

The U.S. didn't want soccer size fields because soccer was too ENGLISH.

That is why soccer never took off in America.